Below given are various Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations over traditional and other promotional ways. Marketing Public Relations is mainly related with marketing activities and use of promotional tools effectively. Harris has given many advantages of MPR. There are few drawbacks of Marketing Public Relations which are enlisted below. Marketing Public Relations is an important activity to create a strong presence in the mind of consumers and to sell products or services effectively with less advertising. Organization can adopt  Marketing Public Relations and can take competitive advantage but along with many benefits & advantages, MPR has few disadvantages & drawbacks.

Marketing Public Relations (MPR) is different from Public relations (PR). Public Relations (PR) follows Management function. In MPR, Public Relations follows the marketing function. This concept is consumer orientated.

Advantages of Marketing Public Relations

Highly targeted way for public relations

Cost effective way to reach the market and to create a brand name

It achieves credibility

It makes advertising and its message more credible

High ability of the consumer’s reach and awareness

It breaks through the clutter

It circumvents consumer resistance to sales efforts

MPR can effectively and efficiently create credibility by supporting other marketing communication tools

Cost efficiency and effectiveness

Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations

No or less guarantee of time and space in media for our company or products and services.

Lack of control over media.

It’s difficult to tie in slogans and other advertising devices.

No standard measurement system to judge the effectiveness

These Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Public Relations can be elaborated with the help of various examples. Consequently, it seems that MPR has more advantages than disadvantages. Organization can use benefits of MPR by implementing it properly. They also can overcome drawbacks with the help of other promotional tools and effective implementation of MPR.