Now a days Distance education is becoming an important option for working people. Students also prefer distance education over regular courses due to financial problem or just to save time and get work experience. Here we are giving various advantages and disadvantages of distance education.



    Flexible to do anytime, anywhere

    You can do both things simultaneously – Earnings (job) and study

    Wide choice of Courses

    Variety of courses / options available

    Can select multiple courses


    Wide variety of specializations available


    It’s affordable! really. You can save lots of money here.

    Fees are less as compared to regular courses.


    Need not to attend college

    Access study material anytime, anywhere as per your convenience

    Recognised and accepted courses

    Most of the distance learning courses are well recognised and accepted

    Many of them are affiliated to reputed/top universities.


    Self paced learning

    Take your time

    Beneficial for both fast learners and slow leaners

    Industry Oriented

    Many courses are industry oriented and supported by Industry

    Industry oriented syllabus due to flexibility

    No age limit

    There is no age limit for distance education

    you can do distance education lifelong

    Self Motivated

    Here you need inner motivation to do course

    You are joining distance course means you are self motivated

    Save time and money

    Earn while you learn, here you can save time and money by doing two things at the same time.


    Faculty assistance not available

    Most of the distance learning courses doesn’t provide faculty support

    You may miss guidance from experienced faculty members

    Dependence on books and technology only

    You need to read and understand concepts from books

    You need to search contents online to increase knowledge

    Lack of Discipline and control over students

    There may be lack of control or discipline

    Activities will not be time bound and at the end you may face difficult to face exams

    College life

    You will miss the college life and friends, gossips etc.

    You will definitely miss college events, gatherings etc.

    Acceptance of courses by Industry

    You should check industry acceptance of courses before doing any distance education


    You will not be able to get practical knowledge of subject

    No Job Assistance or Guaranty

    Most of the regular courses provide job guaranty or assistance, here you will not get this.

    Proper learning environment

    You will miss proper learning environment, library, study room, discussion, presentations etc.

    You may feel lonely in  distance education