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Beijing Municipal Government, China  invites applications for the Beijing Government Scholarship 2013. Beijing Municipal Government offers scholarship for international students every year which covers tuition fees depending on status of applicant.

The status of students classified into following groups

1. For a doctoral degree: 40,000 RMB/ year

2. For  master’s degree: 30,000 RMB/ year

3. For a bachelor’s degree: 20,000 RMB/ year

4. For a senior training or long term language programme: 10,000 RMB/ year

5. for exchange students or students with outstanding con-tributions to international education in Beijing: 5,000 RMB/ year


Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.

Eligibility undergraduate studies must have completed senior high school with good grades

Maximum age 30 years

Eligibility for Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree

Maximum age: 35 yrs

Eligibility for doctoral degree

must have master’s degree

Maximum age: 40


You can register online for this scholarship at official website of Beijing Education Commission

Last date to apply

February 28, 2013



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