The very common backlog observed in University of Pune MBA Sem-I Exam is SQM (Statistical & Quantitative Methods) . But you can get good marks in SQM with some simple and easy steps. Here is the way to study SQM for the best Performance. Indeed this is High scoring subject if you follow simple knack of studying SQM (Specially those who have Backlog in this subject).

Follow these simple steps and get good marks in SQM…

1. Take syllabus copy of SQM.

2. Go to Unit No. 6 directly.

3.Start solving problems for this unit from previous Question papers. These are easily available.

4. Likewise finish next units i.e. 7,8,9 & 10th.

5. You have done 45 marks study out of your 70 marks question paper.

6. Relax! Treat yourself with an ice-cream.

7. Now start from Unit no.1 to Unit no. 6 as stated earlier to study for remaining 35 marks.

Your syllabus for SQM is over.

8. One funda to remember for success is Practice, Practice and only practice…. the only solution for success.