Business Communication Lab Syllabus Pune University Academic Year 2013 – 14

Subject Name: Business Communication Lab

Subject Type: Generic Elective

Subject Code: 108

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 Introduction 

1.1 Introduction to Managerial Communication: Principles of effective communication, Target group profile, Barriers of Communication, Reading Skills, Listening, Feedback.

1.2 Principles of Nonverbal Communication: Professional dressing and body language. Role Playing, Debates and Quiz. Types of managerial speeches – Presentations and Extempore – speech of introduction, speech of thanks, occasional speech, theme speech.

1.3 Group communication: Meetings, group discussions.

1.4 Other Aspects of Communication: Cross Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication Technology and Communication, Ethical & Legal Issues in Business Communication. ( 3 + 7 )

Unit 2 Managerial Writing

2 Managerial Writing: Business letters, Routine letters, Bad news and persuasion letters, sales letters, collection letters, Maintaining a Diary, Resume/CV , job application letters, proposals. Internal communication through – notices, circulars, memos, agenda and minutes, reports. Case Studies.

Exercises on Corporate Writing, Executive Summary of Documents, Creative Writing, Poster Making, Framing Advertisements, Slogans, Captions, Preparing Press Release and Press Notes ( 2 + 5 )

Unit 3 Effective Presentations

3 Effective Presentations: Principles of Effective Presentations, Principles governing the use of audiovisual media. (1 + 1)

Unit 4 Interview Skills

4 Interview Skills: Mastering the art of giving interviews in – selection or

placement interviews, discipline interviews, appraisal interviews, exit interviews,

web /video conferencing, tele-meeting. ( 2 + 3 )

Unit 5 Report Writing

5 Report Writing: Objectives of report, types of report, Report Planning, Types of Reports, Developing an outline, Nature of Headings, Ordering of Points, Logical Sequencing, Graphs, Charts, Executive Summary, List of Illustration, Report Writing. (2 + 4)


The emphasis of the entire subject should be on practical aspects.

Text Books

• Essentials of Business Communication by Rajendra Pal & J.S. Korlahalli, Sultan Chand & Sons, Business Communication by Meenakshi Raman & Prakash Singh, Oxford, 2006

• Basic Business Communication Skills for Empowering the Internet Generation by Lesikar, R.V. & Flatley, M.E., TMGH , New Delhi.

• The Essence of Effective Communications by Ludlow, R. & Panton, FPrentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.

Reference Books

• Communication by C. S. Rayadu, HPH, 8th Revised Edition, 2007

• Business Correspondence & Report Writing by R. C. Sharma & Krishna Mohan Tata McGraw Hill 4th Edition

• Developing Communication Skills by Macmillan, 2nd Edition

• Professional Presentations by Malcolm Goodale, Cambridge University Press,South Asian Edition

• Business Communcation – Urmila Rai

• Business Communcation – Vishwanathan

Supplementary Reading Material

• Business Communication – Harvard Business Essentials Series, HBS Press

• Effective Communication by Adair, J. , Pan Macmillan

• Excellence in Business Communication by Thill, J. V. & Bovee, G. L , McGraw Hill, New York.

• Business Communications: From Process to Product by Bowman, J.P. & Branchaw, P.P., Dryden Press, Chicago.








• Journal of Business Communication