Business Government and Society Syllabus MBA Pune University for Academic Year 2013-14

Subject Name: Business Government and Society

Subject Type: Generic Elective

Subject Code: 111

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1

Roles of Business, Government, and Society: Interdependence and Conflict, Regulation of Business, Functions of State; Economic roles of government; Government and legal environment; Economic roles of

Government in India; Indian experience with overall and sectoral growth, Intersectoral linkages and role of foreign direct investment The Constitutional environment, Macroeconomic crises: explaining the experiences around the world. ( 5 + 1 )

Unit 2

Poverty, Inequality and Economic Growth: Industrial Development, Rural- Urban Dynamics, Population and Development, Finance for Development, Trade and Development, State and the Market, Privatization and Regulation, Institutions and Growth. ( 5 + 1 )

Unit 3

Public Private Partnerships: The Rationale for Public Private Partnerships, Different Kinds of Public Private Partnerships with a special emphasis on the Build Operate and Transfer Model (BOT), Issues in Regulation that come about with privatization, Pricing mechanisms available to a regulator to ensure universal access and efficiency, Discussion of the privatization experience in different sectors, water, electricity, telecommunication, and railways with a special emphasis on India. ( 5 + 1 )

Unit 4

Multinational Corporations: Perspectives on Globalization, Globalization: The MNC and TNC Organizations, Globalization of Brands, Globalization of the Indian Business and Firms, Coping with Global Competition, Conflict with Nation States.

Business in a Global Environment: Business as Blending of People Technology and Ethical Behaviour, Achieving Business Success through Social Responsibilities. ( 5 + 1 )

Unit 5

Changing Workplace: Influence of demography, influence of technology, gender issues, social justice and affirmative action, Industrial Relations. ( 5 + 1 )

Text Books

• Business, Government and Society: A Managerial Perspective by John Steiner, George Steiner, TMGH

• Business, Government, and Society by Douglas E. Greer, Prentice Hall , 3rd Edition

 Reference Books

• Business and Its Environment by David P., International Edition, 7th Edition

Supplementary Reading Material

• Milton Friedman “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”, New York Times Magazine, September 13, 1970.

• Economic Times Daily

• Business Standard Daily





• Economic and Political Weekly

• Corporate Governance

• Academy of Management Journal

• Harvard Business Review