To complete the Project Successfully, it is necessary to write or plan a Good Hypothesis. Hypothesis is nothing but the basic Assumption to do research Project. The different characteristics of Good Hypothesis are given as below –


– The means for manipulating the variables and/or measuring the

outcome variable must potentially exist


– must be able to reject the hypothesis with data


– should be stated in simplest adequate form


– Should be specific (operationalized)


– Relate to existing theories and/or “point” toward new theories

– it should lead to studies beyond the present one (often hard to determine in advance)

Sound reasoning

A.Your hypothesis should be based on previous research.

B.The hypothesis should follow the most likely outcome, not the exceptional outcome.

Provides a reasonable explanation for the predicted outcome.

A.Do not look for unrealistic explanations.

clearly states the relationship between the defined variables.

A.Clear, simply written hypothesis is easier to test.

B.Do not be vague.

defines the variables in easy to measure terms.

A.Who are the participants?

B.What is different or will be different in your test?

C.What is the effect?

testable in a reasonable amount of time.

A.Do not plan a test that will take longer than your class project.