Classification of Products

Products can be classified on the basis of durability, Tagibility and the user type. Any product consists of Goods, Services or combination of both to fullfil market or consumer needs. The classification of Products is given as below.

On the basis of Durability and tangibility On the basis of user type

Durable products 

Non Durable Products


Consumer Goods


Industrial Goods

Business Services

Public Services

Infrastructural Services



Convenience Goods

e.g. Biscuits, Chocolates, Cigarettes 

Shopping Goods

Watches, Garment, Shoes

Specialty Goods

Car, Jewellery, Painting

Unsought Goods


Smoke Detector


Raw Material

Iron Ore


Components Parts


Elec. Motor


Shop Floor

Accessory Equipments

Machine Tools

Storage Racks

Operating Supplies


Lubricating oil


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