Co education is also known as Mixed Gender Education or Mixed Sex Education. We can define Co education is the education of students of both sexes together. This is an integrated type of education where both male and female can take education in the same environment.

There have been many arguments and thoughts in previous days but now most of the countries allow Co Education with the era of technology and liberalization.


Co Education or Mixed Gender Education is the schooling system where Boys and Girls (Male and Female students) can learn together under same roof.

Advantages of Co education

Helps to build confidence

Team Work can be improved

Respect for opposite sex

Gender Equality

More economical

Improve Thinking level

Free interaction with each other which can help  to live in society confidently and without hesitation

Healthy Competition for both sexes

Increases possibility of Communication Skill improvement

Very friendly environment to discuss various issues – both male and female views can be learned

Stops gender stereotyping

Effective division of work

Prepares students for professional world

May decrease negative thinking about opposite gender


Less concentration in classes or Less focus on Study, may get attracted towards opposite sex

Both boys and girls may get distracted easily

Sexual Problems

Disadvantages are very less as compared to Advantages of Co education. So we should focus on advantages to build better society.