This article tries to explain Consumer Behaviour Definition and concept, Its Nature and meaning in detail with the help of various examples. Now a days Consumer is the main focus of any business. Getting an  idea about Consumer Behaviour and their actions to purchase or prefer any product is good to make Marketing  Strategy. Marketing focuses on identification of customer needs and fulfillment of that need by offering product with great value. Let’s have a look on the concept of Consumer Behaviour or Customer Behaviour.

Definition of Consumer Behaviour

The following points we should consider while defining Consumer behaviour:

Consumer: A person or individual who uses Goods or Services

Behaviour:  The way a person behaves toward other people or things.

Consumer Market: “All the individuals and households who buy goods and services.”

Consumer Behaviour: “All psychological, Social, and physical behaviour of all potential consumers as they become aware of, evaluate, purchase, consume and tell others about products and services.”

Explanation : This is simple definition of Consumer behaviour which focuses on behavioural factors related to consumer such as psychological factors or nature of consumer, Social influence on consumer, Physical behaviour of buyer and many other related factors.

Concept of Consumer Behaviour

Marketer always trying to learn following things about market to know consumer behaviour. Consumers are the focus of Marketer and product launch and modifications in product or services are depends on customer preferences and demand.

Marketer tries to find out answers of following questions

1. Who buys products or services?

2. How do they buy products or services?

3. When do they buy goods/ products or services?

4. Why do they buy goods or services?

5. How often they buy Goods or services?

Consumer behaviour of Indian Consumer is different from Americans or Japanese or French or other country or regions. Consumer behaviour is mainly depends on influence of values, beliefs, culture, climate, customs, practices and social structure etc.

Consumers——-> Demand for Goods and Services

A Business Firm——>Delivery or Supply of Goods and Services to the Customers/Consumers

Due to increased competitions the scenario of products and service quality has been changed a lot. Now a days companies are trying to offer best service to retain customers.

The old customers were not being attended to properly by the sales man, but now customers are getting royal welcome from sales person.