Cost Accounting Reference Books

List of Cost Accounting Reference Books, Text Books

Advanced Cost Accounting

Jain, S/ Narang, K. 8th rev ed Kalyani

Advanced Cost & Management Accounting

Saxena, V/ Vashist, C. 4th ed Sultan Chand & Sons

Advanced Cost Accounting

Jain, S/ Narang, K. 9th ed Kalyani

Cost & Management Accounting

Inamdar, S. M. 14th ed Everest

Cost & Management Accounting

Kishore, R. M. 4th ed Taxman Allied Service

Principles & Practice Of Cost Accounting

Bhattacharyya, A. K. 3rd ed PHI

Management & Cost Accounting

Drury, Colin 6th ed Thompson Books

Cost Accounting: Managerial Emphasis

Horngren C. T/ Datar, S. M/ Foster, G. 12th ed Pearson

Cost Accounting

Jawahar, Lal 3rd ed TMH

Cost Accounting Methods & Problems

Bhar, B. K. Academic

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