You can find previous years question papers of Current Trends in Management (CTM) of University of Pune. We have given question papers of both new (2008) and old (2005) MBA patterns. 

MAY 2009

Instructions to the candidates:

1) Answer any five questions.

2) All questions carry equal 14 marks.

Q1) "IT Enabled services improves the effectiveness and efficiency ofbusiness".

Discuss with suitable example.

  Q2)  Explain concept of Lean Manufacturing for improving business result.

Q3)  We need systematic work on the quality of knowledge and the productivity of knowledge. Explain.

Q4) Working people can update and upgrade through e-Ieaming – Comment.

Q5) New corporate governance moves that are expected, explain with recent developments in India.

Q6) What are the benefits industry gains by systematic implementation of six sigma methodology?

Q7) Explain process of knowledge management.

Q8) Write short note on any two:

a) Theory of Constraint.

b) Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

c) Just In Time.