Decision Science Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

    Subject Name: Decision Science

    Subject Type: Generic Core ( External Subject for Sem II)

    Subject Code: 204

    Marks: 100

    Distribution of Marks: 50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)

    Unit 1 Introduction:

    Decision Sciences & Role of quantitative techniques

    Linear Programming: Concept, Formulation & Graphical Solution

    Assignment Models: Concept, Flood’s Technique/ Hungarian Method, applications including restricted & multiple assignments

    Transportation Models: Concept, Formulation, Problem types: Balanced, unbalanced, Minimization, Maximization Basic initial solution using North West Corner, Least Cost & VAM, Optimal Solution using MODI (9+2)

    Unit 2 Queuing Theory:

    Concept, Single Server ( M/M/I , Infinite, FIFO) and Multi Server (M/M/C , Infinite, FIFO)

    Markov Chains & Simulation Techniques: Markov chains: Applications related to management functional areas, Implications of Steady state Probabilities, Decision making based on the inferences Monte Carlo Simulation, scope and limitations. (8+2)

    Unit 3 Decision Theory:

    Concept, Decision under risk (EMV) & uncertainty

    Game Theory: Concept,2 by 2 zero sum game with dominance, Pure & Mixed Strategy (6+2)

    Unit 4 CPM & PERT:

    Concept, Drawing network, identifying critical path

    Network Calculations: Calculating EST, LST, EFT, LFT, Slack & probability of project completion (6+2)

    Unit 5 Probability

    5.1 Probability: Concept, Addition, Conditional Probability theorem based decision making, (Numerical based on functional areas of business expected).

    5.2 Probability Distributions: Normal, Binomial. Interval estimation, standard errors of estimation. (6+2)

    Text Books

    • Quantitative Techniques in Publishers India Ltd., 4th Edition

    Reference Books

    • Introduction to Operations Research by Billey E. Gilett, TMGH

    • Operations Research by Nita Shah, Ravi Gor, Hardik Soni, PHI

    • Managerial Decisions Modeling with Spreadsheets by Bal Krishnan, Render, Stair, Jr., Pearson Education.

    • Operations Research by R. Pannerselvam, Prentice Hall India, 2nd Edition.

    Supplementary Reading Material

    • Operations Research by Hamdy A. Taha, Pearson Publication




    • International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management

    • International Journals of Operations Research and Management Science

    • Journal of Operation Management Research

    • Indian Journal of Advanced Operations Management