Distribution Channels also reffered as Marketing Channels or Place. Place can be a location where product can be purchased by consumer/customer. The distribution channel helps to distribute or move product from one place (generally manufacturer) to the another place (Consumer or end user or customer etc.).


Marketing Channels, Trade Channels, Place etc.


1. " A channel of Distribution or Marketing Channels are the distribution networks through which producers products flow to the market."

This Definition was given by Cundiff, Still and Govani.

2. "This is a route taken by the title to the goods as they move from producer to the ultimate consumers or industrial users."

– Definition by William J. Stanton


– This is a movement of Goods or Services between manufacturer or marketer to the end user or consumer or customer.

– The main parts or elements of distribution channels are Producers/ marketers, intermediaries and consumers.

– The main objective is to deliver product or service to the end user at right time in a right quantity with right quality at right place.

– Intermediaries can improve the efficiency of process by managing all activities of routes of transactions properly.

– They can help to do research properly and more accurately to analyse market demand and consumer preferences

The channel of Distribution can consider any combination of following to prepare chain –

1. Manufacturer

2. Marketer

3. Wholesaler

4. Distributor

5. Retailer

6. Customer