Diversity of Consumer Behaviour mainly studies the variety of nature of Consumer, their characteristics, preferences and change. Consumers are diverse in nature. They can be divided into main two types – Personal and Organizational and both are different from each other based on their purpose and buying preferences.

There are so many factors which can affect on Consumer thinking to make buying decision. The factors may be their friends, scial structure, ethical and personal factors, economic factors, technological factors, Cultural values and recommendations.

While studying the concept of Diversity of Consumer Behaviour, we should consider following things.

What is Consumer Behaviour exactly? (Click on the link to access Definition & Concept of Consumer Behaviour)

Why we need to study Consumer Behaviour?

What are the various factors influencing Consumer Behaviour?

What types of Consumers we should target for our products or services?

What is difference between Personal Consumer and Organizational Consumer?

We also can consider following points to explain the Diversity of Consumer behaviour –

Inter Disciplinary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour

Impact of Technology and related factors on Consumer Behaviour