If the official website of DTE Maharashtra is not working for you or any specific page of the website is not opening, you can try solutions given below. You may face error such as unable to load a page or 404 error etc. at the time of online registration of application for CET exam, CAP rounds, Seat allocation, FC or ARC. You can try solutions given below.

    Error Messages

    You may see one or more error messages like:

    • A connection timed out
    • Server Error or Server not available
    • Unable to access webpage
    • DTE Website Not Working
    • Webpage not opening or Unable to open page requested

    Possible Reasons

    Below given are the possible reasons for this kind of errors –

    • Server Overloaded: Large No. of Applicants, Beyond Server Capacity
    • Internet Connection Problem
    • Version of your Web Browser is Outdated
    • Data or Web Address You Entered is Incorrect or Invalid

    Let’s see problems or error messages and their solutions in details.

    Error 1: Page Loading Slow (Delay)

    Description of Error

    Lot of delay in accessing the page, Webpage takes lots of time to load

    Possible Reason

    Speed for Registration of On-Line Application on Internet is based on various factors like Internet Speed, the large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore if you are not able to get the pages for registration immediately,


    1. Please retry after a gap of 15 minutes
    2. Please retry during off-peak hours during the night. (Day off-peak Hours: Early Morning, 12 t0 3, Night Time off-peak hours: 11 PM to 5 PM)

    Error 2: Webpage Not Loaded Correctly 

    Description of Error

    • DTE Website or Webpage Not Loaded Correctly,
    • Unable to see Content Properly,
    • Not Loading Webpage Properly,
    • Webpage not available

    Possible Reason

    • Maybe Javascript is not enabled for the browser, or
    • browser version not supporting this application of DTE

    Solution No. 1:

    1. Enable Javascript for Browser
    2. Reinstall Java Latest Version
    3. Try installing a supportive browser with the latest version:

    Steps to Enable Javascript in Browser

    Enable JavaScript in Browser. Instructions may vary with different browsers and operating systems. If you cannot locate the JavaScript settings, check the help topics for the browser being used.

    Internet Explorer 9.0 and above

    1. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    2. In Internet, Options dialog box select the Security tab.
    3. Click the Custom Level… button. The Security Settings dialog box will pop up.
    4. Under Scripting, category enables Active scripting.
    5. Click OK twice to close out.
    6. Click Refresh.

    Mozilla 3.0 and above

    1. Select Options from the Tools Menu
    2. Select Content tab
    3. Make sure Enable JavaScript is checked

    Google Chrome 3.0 and above

    1. Click the settings next to Address bar.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click on Show advanced settings…
    4. Click on Content Settings under Privacy.
    5. Check Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) under Javascript.
    6. Click OK.

    Error 3: Server Error

    Description of Error

    • You may get the error: Server Error or Server Down or Connection Timed Out
    • Webpage Not Loading, This site can’t be reached, server DNS address could not be found.

    Possible Reasons

    Your Internet Connection Problem or DTE Website is down or you are working offline


    1. Try reloading Website after 10-15 min. again
    2. Check your internet connection
    3. Check your Internet Connection
    4. Check web address entered is correct
    5. Clear your web browser history and cookies. Restart browser.
    6. The server of DTE is down. Try reloading again after some time.

    Error 4: 404 Web Site not found.

    Error Message

    Web site not found. You may be seeing this error due to one of the reasons listed below: Custom domain has not been configured inside Azure. See how to map an existing domain to resolve this. The client cache is still pointing the domain to old IP address. Clear the cache by running the command ipconfig/flushdns. Check out App Service Domain FAQ for more questions.

    Possible Reasons:

    Website redirection issue, Server issue, Connection Issue, Website not configured properly

    Solution 1:  Use www before website name

    Use http://www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in/ instead of http://dtemaharashtra.gov.in/

    Solution 2: Delete History & Cookies

    Go to your browser settings option and delete history and cookies

    Solution 3: Contact Web Admin

    If still persists the same problem, contact website/technical admin.

    Also, check for firewall and antivirus configuration.