Enterprise Analysis – Desk Research Syllabus MBA Pune University for Acdemic year 2013-14

Subject Name: Enterprise Analysis – Desk Research

Subject Type: Generic Elective

Subject Code: 115

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 Enterprise History & Background:

Establishment, Original & Current Promoters, Business Group or Business Family to which it belongs, Vision- Mission-Philosophy -Values, Name of the Chairman, CEO, MD, Members of Board of Directors, CSR Initiatives, Technical and other collaborations if any, Recent Mergers and Acquisitions, if any. ( 2 + 4 )

Unit 2 Organization :

Organization Structure, Geographical (domestic and global) foot print – at the time of inception and spread over the years, company’s current head quarter worldwide as well as head quarter / corporate office in

India, Manufacturing /Service locations Indian and major worldwide, Certifications if any – ISO / EMS / FDA / CMMI , etc ( 2 + 4 )

Unit 3 Markets: 

Major Customers, customer segments, Products, Product lines, Major Brands, Market Share – nationally, region wise, product wise, Advertising Agency, Advertising Punch Line/Slogan, Logo (2 + 4)

Unit 4 Financials:

Data to be studied, tabulated, graphically depicted, analyzed and presented for last 5 years for the Revenues, Profitability, Market Capitalization, Segmented Revenues, Auditors. Listing status & Scrip Codes – BSE and NSE, Global Listings on International Stock Markets, Share Price Face Value, Current Market Value, Annual High Low Figures, P/E Ratio, Shareholding Pattern. ( 2 + 4 )

Unit 5 Governance:

Philosophy, Action taken by SEBI if any, Involvement in Scams, Insider Trading Issues, Standard & Poor’s Corporate Governance Scores, CRISIL Rating. Awards won if any. ( 6 )


• Students should work in groups of 3 to 5 each under the guidance of a faculty.

• Students shall study various aspects of any TWO corporate entities (companies) of their choice.

• Focus shall be on analyzing the information collected and gaining insights.

• Students shall submit a structured detailed report.

The evaluation shall be made by a panel of two examiners. One of the examiners shall be the Internal

Faculty. The other examiner may be an external faculty or a person from the relevant industry. The

evaluation shall be based on the following criteria:

Report – 20 Marks , Presentation – 15 Marks, Question & Answer – 15 Marks

Learning Resources:

Text Books

Students shall use secondary data sources such as –

• Annual Reports,

• Corporate Websites,

• Stock Market Websites,

• Business Newspapers, etc.

to collect maximum information – facts and figures about the enterprise and its functioning