Evolution of Sales Management started with the revolution of Industry in 1760. The industrial Revolution in England and America changed the face of functions in the Company. After Industrial Evolution, companies established some new departments in the organization including operations, financial department, and then Sales department. Then the sales department replaced by Marketing department.

Some key points of the evolution of sales management

In 1760 AD: Industrial Revolution in England.

Influence of Small scale industries in the market.

American Industrial Revolution (USA).

Large organizations started dominating the market or economy.

Need for expansion of business/organization’s functions to fulfill market demand

Establishment of separate departments – Manufacturing, Finance and Sales.

Involvement of Wholesalers, retailers and consumers

Added some new marketing activities such as Advertising, sales promotion, hipping/dispatching,

The marketing process became more complex and required special attention

Became necessary to split the marketing into sales function and other support functions like advertising, sales promotion, marketing research, and marketing logistics

Even today, sales department has great importance, because its the income producing function (revenue) for organization.





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