List of Finance or Finance Management Reference and Text Books with their Author name, Edition and Publication.

Finance: The Basics

Author Erik Banks Publisher: Routledge Year: 2006

Dictionary Of Finance & Banking Oxford

4th ed Oxford University Press

International Finance: Business Perspective

Apte, P. G. 2nd ed TMH

Case Study Solutions Finance

Kaushal, H. Macmillan

Accounting & Finance For Bankers

by Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance(IIBF)

Publisher: Macmilan Indian Limited New Delhi

Edition: 2ndEdition

Finance Sense: Corporate Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Author: Prasanna Chandra

Publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited (2010)


Money Banking Finance

Author:  N. K Sinha

Publisher: Bsc Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd (2009)3rdEdition

Practitioners’ Book On Trade Finance 

Author: Taxmann

Publisher: Taxmann Publication Pvt. Ltd. (2010)

Lords Of Finance

by Liaquat Ahamed

Publisher: Windmill Books

Publishing Year: 2010

International Corporate Finance

Author: Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance(IIBF)

Publisher: Macmillan India Ltd. New Delhi

Published in: 2007

Edition: 1st

Corporate Finance Theory And Practice

Author: Aswath Damodaran

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Published in: 2007


Value Investing and Behavioral Finance

Author:  Parag Parikh

Publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Year: 2011

Quantitive Methods For Banking & Finance

Author:  A S Ramasastri

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers India

Year: 2008

1st Edition

Statistical and Finance Introduction

Author: Ruppert David

Publisher: Springer India (

Year: 2006

Edition 1st

Finance For Non-Finance Managers

Author: B. K Chatterjee

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Year: 1988

Edition: 4thEdition

Finance Policies and management

Author: Satish Tiwari (ed. )

Publisher: Anmol

Year: 2000

Edition: 1st

Public Finance

Author S. N. Chand

Publisher: Atlantic

Year: 2008

Edition: 1st edition

Cases In Corporate Finance

Author: Viswanath

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Commodity Markets

Author: Chatnani

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Services

Author : Khan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Fundamentals Of Financial Management

Author:  Chandra

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Management: Text, Problems And Cases

Author: Khan

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Financial Institutions And Markets

Author: Bhole

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Aspects of Mathematical Finance

Author: Marc Yor

Structured Finance And Insurance

Author: Christopher L. Culp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

Survivor’s Guide to Finance

Author: Pierre G. Bergeron

Publisher: Cengage Learning College

Statistical Methods and Non-Standard Finance

Author: Andrew W. (EDT) Lo

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report

Author: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

Publisher: Random House Business

The Financial Menu

Author:Klaus Theyer

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Pub Co