Ford has announced new Solar Energy Powered Hybrid Car named as C-Max Solar Energi. Ford is planning to show this concept car next week at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. If ford will offer car with this innovative feature and other standard features at promising price, then definitely will be able to get huge market all over the  world. The below said are the details of car.

1. This car can go 33.8 Km (21 Miles) once charged fully and up to 620 miles off a combination of gas and electric.

2. This Hybrid car is not depending on the electric grid for fuel.

3. This car may require special shelter or room to get fully charged by using sunshine.

4. There will be competition from Electric Cars. People already have sufficient infrastructure for electric charging.

5. The Ford C-Max Solar Energi has 1.5 square meters of solar panels on the roof to get power from sunlight.

6. The solar panels on the roof of C-Max Solar Energi are designed and manufactured by California-based SunPower. This solar panels are specially designed to harvest 50% more energy over the same surface area than conventional cells.

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“When you actually park this vehicle under a purpose designed concentrator… we’re able to get that car to be powered 100% by renewable energy.”

– Mike Tinskey, Ford’s lead executive C MAX Solar Energi