Foreign Language I Lab Syllabus MBA Pune University for Academic Year 2013-14

Subject Name: Foreign Language – I Lab

Subject Type: Generic Elective

Subject Code: 114

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 Salutations:

To greet the people and say Good afternoon, Good Evening, Goodbye, ask name and say your name, seek clarification and help, numbers from 1 to 10 2. To say where you live. Describe your house and members of your family. Weights and Measures, length & breadth, use of decimal system, area and volume. Cardinal numbers & Ordinal Numbers. 3. Ask and give personal information, Nationality, profession and language,

Numbers from 11 to 50. To ask time by clock and by span, days of the week, months of the year. (2 + 4)

Unit 2 Conversation Skills:

1. To ask and express interests, Preferences; likes and dislikes; to invite, to accept the invitation or to politely decline the invitation; hobbies and how to spend your leisure.

2. To talk about the weather; to talk about the daily personal routine and related activities. Seasons & holidays in France/Germany/Japan. Introduction to letter writing and email writing.

3. To talk about clothing – size, colour, material. Purchase at a super market, modes of payment. To name and explain human body to express common bodily ailments (fever, headache etc.) (2 + 4)

Unit 3 Geographical Description:

1.Country, location on the world map, borders and neighbouring countries, ports and industrial towns.

2. Information and clarification of places. Asking for directions to the public places. Modes of Transport. Numbers 51 to 100 and 1000, 10,00,000 etc. (2 + 4)

Unit 4 Business:

1. Visit to a restaurant, to express agreement/disagreement; to ask for price/quantity

2. To ask about personal past events, to narrate personal experience, to comprehend difference between letters like Personal/Business Letters, telegram & e- mail; formats of Letter head and e mail.

3. To talk about/express future actions, to plan a business trip with related requirements: hotel, tickets, car, Rent a car, places to visit, traffic signs etc. Documents required like Passport, International Driving license, Insurance cover etc.

4. Vocabulary relating to the Transactions at the Post office, Bank, Insurance Company – personal, health, accident, marine.. equivalent terms of transaction – FOB, C.I.F, F.A.S, payment through Letter of credit.(2 + 4)

Unit 5

Practical Assignments on Unit I to IV. ( 6 )

Note :-

Institute may offer any one of the following foreign languages to the students: SPANISH / FRENCH/

GERMAN/ JAPANESE / CHINESE The emphasis of the course shall be on practical aspects.

Text Books

• Relevant Standard Text Books, Videos, Audio CDs for the language offered to the students.