Foreign Language – II Lab Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

Subject Name: Foreign Language – II Lab

Subject Type: Generic- Elective ( Internal Subject for Sem II)

Subject Code: 214

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1

Listening: Understand Simple Questions and Instructions.

Reading: Understand Single Words and Sentences but also Signposts, Signs

and Posters.

Speaking: Provide Short Information about the Job and the Person.

Writing: Fill in Forms and Provide Information About Name, Address, Nationality etc. (5 + 1)

Unit 2

Listening: Understand Information about the Person and the Work.

Reading: Understand Simple Letters, Appointments, Invitations and Information in Short Texts.

Speaking: Answer Simple Questions About One’s Working Field.

Writing: Write Faxes and e-mails (5 + 1)

Unit 3

Listening: Understand Standard Information Related to the Working Field.

Reading: Understand Standard Letters and Texts about Working Processes and Product Descriptions.

Speaking: Provide Information about the Job, the Departments, the Company, the Products and Processes in a Conversation or on the Phone.

Writing: Answer Standard Inquiries, Make Quotations, Write Short Texts with a Familiar Content, Possibly Give Some Explanation and Answer Simple Questions. (5 + 1)

Unit 4

Listening: Understand Complex Information Related to the Working Field in Meetings, Discussions and at Presentations.

Reading: Understand Reports and Contracts with a Company-related Content.

Speaking: Describe and Explain Work Processes and Projects. Report on Meetings and Presentations. Explain Concepts and Clarify Misunderstandings.

Writing: Write Formal Standard Letters and Texts about One’s Field of Expertise. Explain a Graphic and Reflect the Content. (5 + 1)

Unit 5

Grammar: Future tense, imperfect tense, degrees of comparison, imperative mood. Script, Letters of alphabet, accents, sounds of groups of letters, punctuation marks, articles, nouns, sing./Pl , genders; mas. /fem. Structure of sentences & types like affirmative, negative interrogative & negative interrogative, Verbs: classes of verbs and conjugation patterns, Pronominal verbs; Present tense, The idea of auxiliary verb; prepositions; pronounssubject, interrogative, relative, possessive, emphatic ; adjectives, adverbs (5 + 1)


Institute may offer any one of the following foreign languages to the students: SPANISH / FRENCH/


Text Books

• Relevant Standard Text Books, Videos, Audio CDs for the language offered to the students.