Geopolitics & the World Economic System Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

    Subject Name: Geopolitics & the World Economic System

    Subject Type: Generic- Elective ( Internal Subject for Sem II)

    Subject Code: 211

    Marks: 50

    Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

    Unit 1 International Political Economy:

    Distribution of Wealth and Economic Activities – National Autonomy – Politics of International Regimes – Theory of Hegemonic Stability – Governance of the Global Economy (5 + 1)

    Unit 2 National Systems of Political Economy:

    Differences among National Economies – Market-Oriented Capitalism- Developmental Capitalism- Social Market Capitalism – Comparative Analysis (5 + 1)

    Unit 3 The Trading System:

    Debate over Free Trade – Functions of WTO and GATT – The Uruguay Round and World Trade Organization – Trade Blocs such as SAARC, ASEAN, NAFTA – Threats to Open Trading System(5+1)

    Unit 4 International Monetary System:

    The International Financial System – Reform of International Monetary Affairs – Nature of Financial Crises – Controversy over Regulation of International Finance (5 + 1)

    Unit 5 The State and the Multinationals:

    An International Regime for FDI and MNCDo Global Corporations Pose a Threat? – Consequences of Economic Globalization (5 + 1)earning Resources:

    Text Books

    • Global Political Economy – Robert Gilpin, Princeton University Press

    • International Economics with MyEconLab by Paul Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld andMarc Melitz, Pearson, Global Edition, 9th Edition

    Reference Books

    • Managing World Economic Change: International Political Economy by Robert A. Isaak, Pearson, 3rd Edition,

    Supplementary Reading Material

    • Economic Times Daily

    • Business Standard Daily

    • The Economist – Magazine





    • Economic Systems Research.