Human Resource Management Fill in the Blanks

We have given Human Resource Management Fill in the Blanks Questions with Answers. These HRM fill in the blanks questions will help students, teachers and other professionals for exams, skill tests , online tests and for other work.

Human Resource Management Fill in the Blanks

1) A group of positions that have similar duties, tasks & responsibilities is called ____________

( Answer:- JOB)

2) _____________________________________ can be derived from Job Analysis

( Answer:- Job Specification & Job Description)

3) A written summary of content & context of job is called _______________________

( Answer:- Job Description )

4) A written summary of KSA required to per form a job is ______________________

(Answer:- Job Specification)

5) KSA represents ____________ _______________ & _______________________

(Answer:- Knowledge, Skill and Attitude)

6) Identifying the source of __________________ candidates and ______________ them to

apply for the job is called Recruitment

(Answer:- Potential , Attracting )

7) Promotion is a _______________________ source Recruitment

(Answer:- Internal)

8) Campus selection is a __________________________ source of recruitment


9) To be ethical and social towards needs of society is ______________ objective of HRM


10) Strategic HRM concerned with the relation of HRM and ___________________

(Answer:- Business Strategy)

11) SHRM tries to establish employees as the __________________ of organization

(Answer:- Strategic Partner)

12) The list of Demands prepared by the employees at the time of bargaining is called as ____________________________

(Answer:- Charter)

13) When either the party of bargaining is not ready to give up from a particular Point that point is called as _________________________ Point

(Answer:- Sticky)

14) ______________ will be done when an employee is suspected to be guilty not yet proved

(Answer: suspension)

15) Group of employees joined to solve the production related issues is called ___________

(Answer:- Quality Circle)

16) _____________________ is grievance settling machinery with less legal procedure.

(Answer:- Mediation)

17) _____________________ is a method of grievance settling in which the parties are allowed to select their own arbitrator.

(Answer:- Arbitration)

18) ___________________________ is the Last stage in Career planning

(Ans:- Withdrawal)

19) When an employee is appraised by all the members in the organization like superior, subordinate, peer, customer etc., is called as ____________ appraisal

(Ans:- 360 degree)

20) When an employee is trained for an key position in the organization is called _________________

(Ans:- Succession Planning)

21) ________________ Appraisals is the assessment of individual’s performance in a systematic way.

(Answer:- Performance)

22) ______________ means attainment of such age by the employee as is fixed in the contract or conditions of service as an age of retirement

( Answer:- Superannuation)

23) The compensation paid during the time of layoff is called _____________

( Answer:- Retaining Allowance)

24) The First stage in career planning is ________________

(Answer:- Establishment Stage)

25) The employees appraised based on their reaction on critical situation is ___________ performance appraisal method

(Answer:- Critical incident method)

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