We have given Human Resource Management Fill in the Blanks Questions with Answers. These HRM fill in the blanks questions will help students, teachers and other professionals for exams, skill tests , online tests and for other work.

    Human Resource Management Fill in the Blanks

    1) A group of positions that have similar duties, tasks & responsibilities is called ____________

    ( Answer:- JOB)

    2) _____________________________________ can be derived from Job Analysis

    ( Answer:- Job Specification & Job Description)

    3) A written summary of content & context of job is called _______________________

    ( Answer:- Job Description )

    4) A written summary of KSA required to per form a job is ______________________

    (Answer:- Job Specification)

    5) KSA represents ____________ _______________ & _______________________

    (Answer:- Knowledge, Skill and Attitude)

    6) Identifying the source of __________________ candidates and ______________ them to

    apply for the job is called Recruitment

    (Answer:- Potential , Attracting )

    7) Promotion is a _______________________ source Recruitment

    (Answer:- Internal)

    8) Campus selection is a __________________________ source of recruitment


    9) To be ethical and social towards needs of society is ______________ objective of HRM


    10) Strategic HRM concerned with the relation of HRM and ___________________

    (Answer:- Business Strategy)

    11) SHRM tries to establish employees as the __________________ of organization

    (Answer:- Strategic Partner)

    12) The list of Demands prepared by the employees at the time of bargaining is called as ____________________________

    (Answer:- Charter)

    13) When either the party of bargaining is not ready to give up from a particular Point that point is called as _________________________ Point

    (Answer:- Sticky)

    14) ______________ will be done when an employee is suspected to be guilty not yet proved

    (Answer: suspension)

    15) Group of employees joined to solve the production related issues is called ___________

    (Answer:- Quality Circle)

    16) _____________________ is grievance settling machinery with less legal procedure.

    (Answer:- Mediation)

    17) _____________________ is a method of grievance settling in which the parties are allowed to select their own arbitrator.

    (Answer:- Arbitration)

    18) ___________________________ is the Last stage in Career planning

    (Ans:- Withdrawal)

    19) When an employee is appraised by all the members in the organization like superior, subordinate, peer, customer etc., is called as ____________ appraisal

    (Ans:- 360 degree)

    20) When an employee is trained for an key position in the organization is called _________________

    (Ans:- Succession Planning)

    21) ________________ Appraisals is the assessment of individual’s performance in a systematic way.

    (Answer:- Performance)

    22) ______________ means attainment of such age by the employee as is fixed in the contract or conditions of service as an age of retirement

    ( Answer:- Superannuation)

    23) The compensation paid during the time of layoff is called _____________

    ( Answer:- Retaining Allowance)

    24) The First stage in career planning is ________________

    (Answer:- Establishment Stage)

    25) The employees appraised based on their reaction on critical situation is ___________ performance appraisal method

    (Answer:- Critical incident method)