Human Resource Management revised Syllabus (Pattern 2008) for Pune University –

Subject Name: Human Resource Management

Subject Code: 203

Subject for: MBA Sem. II

Marks: 100(70 + 30 )


1. Human resources Management-Introduction and Importance-Evolution – difference between Personnel Management and HRM- Strategic HRM- role of a HR Manager. (6)

2. Human Resources Planning-Objectives-Importance-HRP Process- Manpower Estimation-Job analysis-Job Description-Job Specification. Recruitment-Sources of Recruitment-Selection Process-Placement and Induction-Retention of Employees. (8)

3. Training and Development- Objectives and Needs-Training Process-Methods of Training –Tools and Aids-Evaluation of Training Programs. (8)

4. Career Planning- Succession Planning. (2)

5. Performance Management System-Definition, Concepts and Ethics-Different methods of Performance Appraisal- Rating Errors-Competency management. (8)

6. Compensation Management –Concepts and Components-Job Evaluation- Incentives and Benefits. (8)

7. Productivity Management-Concepts-TQM-Kaizen-Quality Circles (6)

8. Industrial relations-Grievance Procedure-collective Bargaining-Settlement of Disputes. (6)

9. Retirement/Separation-Superannuation-Voluntary Retirement Schemes- Resignation-Discharge-Dismissal-Suspension-Layoff. (8)

Books Recommended:-

Human Resources Management – Ashwathappa

Human Resources Management- Gary Dessler

Personnel Management – C.B Mamoria

Managing Human Resources – R.S. Dwiwedi

Human Resources Management-V.P.Michael

Human Resources Management – Dr.P.C.Pardeshi

Human Resources Management – Mirza & Zaiyadin

Human Resources Management – L.M.Prasad

Managing Human Resources – Arun Monppa