We can explain importance of motivation in organization with the help of following points. We also have given some examples to simplify the concept of motivation and it’s importance. Motivation is important for both employees and management in an organization to improve work efficiency and results.

Importance of Motivation in Organization

– Employees are motivated to perform allotted task , look for better ways

– Motivated Employee -more quality oriented

– Highly Motivated – More Productive than adaptive workers

– Creative , Spontaneous and Innovative behaviour at work

– Comprehensive understanding of the way in which organization functions

– Technology eg. ISRO

– Developing employees as future resource

– reduced labour turnover

– decreased absenteeism

– Maximum utilization of Production Factors

– Worker’s Co-operation

– Good Industrial relations

– New way of doing things

– Quality Oriented

– More Productive

– Retention of employees

– Creativity

– Effectiveness

– Technology Requirement