Organizational Behaviour provides direction to Organization. OB helps to understand and predict organizational life. It also helps to understand nature and activities of people in organization. It helps to motivate employees and to maintain interrelations in organization.

The importance of the organizational behaviour is as under:

1. Skill Improvement: Helps to improve skills (ability to employees and use of knowledge to become more efficient). Improves managers as well as employees work skill.

2. Understanding Consumer Buying Behaviour:  It also an important part to improve marketing process by understanding consumer (buying) behaviour.

3. Employee Motivation: OB helps to understand basis of Motivation and different ways to motivate employees properly.

4. Nature of Employees: Understanding of personnel/employee nature is important to manage them properly. With the help of OB, we can understand whether employees/people are Introvert, Extrovert, Motivated, Dominating etc.

5. Anticipating Organizational events: The scientific study of behaviour helps to understand and predict organizational events. For.e.g. Annual Business Planning, Demand Management, Product line management, Production Planning, Resources Scheduling, Logistics etc.

6. Efficiency & Effectiveness: Helps to increase efficiency and effectiveness of organization

7. Better Environment of Organisation: It helps to create healthy, ethical and smooth environment in organization.

8. Optimum/Better Utilization of Resources: Study of OB helps to understand employees and their work style and skill better way. By understanding this, management can train and motivate employees for optimum utilization of resources.

9. Goodwill of organization: OB helps to improve Goodwill of organization.

This is all about importance of organizational behaviour and its impact on overall business activities. Ultimately OB helps to increase efficiency and productivity i.e profit of organization.