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    India Related Presentation Topics

    How do elections affect the Indian Economy?

    Indian Industry positive on economic growth!

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- Success or Failure?

    Is India really shining?

    Are Women safe in India?

    Is India’s growth model broken?

    RTI : on the right track?

    Indian helicopter bribery scandal 2013

    Will Jan Lokpal Bill help to reduce corruption?

    Overpopulation: Strength or weakness for India?

    Need for labour reforms in India

    There is no vision for markets in India

    Coal Scam in India (Coalgate)

    India needs more disinflationary medicine

    Is India still a favorite among foreign investors?

    India need a federal commission, not just a finance commission!

    What next, Mr. Subrata Roy?

    Who is responsible for flood & landslides in Uttarakhand India – Nature or Government?

    Is China’s loss India’s gain?

    CNG vehicles can reduce pollution in India

    Increased numbers of Terror Attacks in India

    2G Scam in India and its impact

    Politicians alone should not be blamed for scandals!

    Right to Information Act India

    Foreign Direct Investment in India

    FDI to India: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Series of Terror Attacks on India: Reasons & Solutions

    Can India become a developed country?

    Where does India stand in international Forum?

    What makes a country a developed one?

    What should be “Dream of developed India.”

    Technology – really core strength of India

    What India needs to become a Super power nation?

    The modern face of Indian Manufacturing

    Uniquely Indian- is there any product like that

    Service Sector- can it be a peoples worth

    What happens if India survives only on service?

    Standard of Indian service sector

    Indian service sector is quality conscious

    Role of IT in Service Sector in mission 2020

    Role of IT in Small scale industries in mission 2020

    Infrastructure in India is it at par with other developing nations

    My contribution for a developed India

    Challenges to Indian Agriculture

    Use of Technology in Agriculture

    International Pressures on India

    My dream about My India

    Youngsters’ role to develop India

    Election 2014 will bring reforms in Indian Economy

    Technologies that affects today’s children

    Technology has led to moral decay in Indian Society

    The vision of prosperous India without poverty

    India with health and education for all

    TIFAC – Technology Information, forecasting and assessment council

    India Vision 2020

    What makes a country developed?

    The prosperity of the people of a country

    Quality of life in India

    Issues of national security are no longer simple!

    Technologies as a core strength of the nation

    India and the World

    India beyond 2020

    Gaining new ground: Technology priorities for India’s future

    India’s needs and core competencies

    Challenges to Indian Agriculture

    India environmental problems and International pressures

    The curse of the IPL

    Government Schemes must reach people!

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    1.Service sector – can it be people’s worth.

    2.What happens if India survives only on service

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    NDA’s Challenge is within, not outside