Indian Government is planning to establish 20 new Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs) on  a public-private partnership (PPP) model. Government may approve IIITs bill soon. Here we have given key points of this new scheme Government to set up 20 new schools in various states of India. MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) and Department of Higher Education is taking initiative for establishment of new IITs which can produce quality students.

The partners in setting up the IllTs would be the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Governments of the respective States where each lllT will be established, and the industry. There will be a model based on Not-for-profit Public Private Partnership (N-PPP).


To address the challenges faced by the lndian IT industry and growth of the domestic IT market

To establish twenty lndian Institutes of Information

To produce best-in-class human resources in IT and harnessing the multidimensional facets of IT in various domains.

The ministry hopes that these quality students can create great impact.

While the number of students produced by these IIITs would be small, the impact they create would be great.

Key Points

1. Scheme of the setting up of 20 new IIITs on PPP model

2. Records of discussion of the workshop on setting up of 20 new IIITs on PPP model organized on 18th March 2011 at IIT, Delhi

3. Draft – Memorandum of Association and Rules of IIIT

4. Draft – Memorandum of Agreement between the President of India; the Governor of the State and Industry Partner namely in connection with setting up 20 new IIITs on PPP model

5. Draft format for Proposals from the Government/UTs for setting up of new IIIT.

6. Draft recommendations for selecting industry partners for setting up IITs in PPP mode

7. Draft criteria for selection of proposals received from the State Government/Union Territories for setting up of new IIITs.

8. DPR on setting up new IIITs

Complete details about scheme


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