Industry Analysis – Desk Research Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

Subject Name: Industry Analysis – Desk Research

Subject Type: Generic- Elective ( Internal Subject for Sem II)

Subject Code: 215

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 Industry Analysis – the Basics:

Nature of the Industry, Players in the industry. Nature of competition from an economist’s perspective.

Market shares of top 3 & bottom 3 players. Possible Classification of players into Leaders, Challengers, Followers, Nichers. Positioning & Differentiation strategies of key players. Branding strategies. Pricing Policies, Cartelization if any and comments thereon. Capacity analysis – total capacity of the industry and break up capacity amongst key players, Planned future capacity additions. Geographical spread of plants/facilities/ capacities (Domestics as well as Global).

Demand Supply balance in the industry, Key factors affecting demand. Key supply side constraints.

Professional Trade bodies of the Industry. Business Functions carried out Online by the key players. Online presence. (25 + 5)

Unit 2 Promoters & Management Ethos:

Backgroundof promoter groups of top 3 and bottom 3 players in the industry. Management ethos and philosophy. Brief profiles of CMDs, CEOs, and key top management personnel with their

career highlights. Detailed profile of one distinguished top management personnel each from any

two players in the Industry. CSR policy. Corporate Governance Initiatives. Initiatives towards social inclusion. Initiatives towards environment conservation.

Unit 3 External Environment:

Controlling ministry and / or regulator if any for the Industry Regulatory actions against the players for e.g. Action by SEBI, Competition Commission of India, MTRP Commission, etc. against irregularities , legal violations if any. Regulatory Policies at the state, national and global level and their impact on

the industry as a whole with analysis of impact on top 3 players. Key National and Global issues affecting the industry. Key initiatives by the Government to promote the industry. Environmental issues.

Unit 4 Financials:

Profitability, Revenues, Margins of top 3 & bottom 3 players over the last 3 years and trends/changes therein. Sick players if any and their turnaround strategies, if any. Key factors contributing to costs.

Ratio analysis of financial data for last 3 years for top 5 and bottom 5 companies in the industry.

Unit 5 Recent Developments:

Impact of key relevant provisions of the latest Fiscal policy on the industry and various players therein. Analysis of Key relevant provisions of latest Exim Policy in case of industries that are focused on Global Markets for exports or industries that have significant import components. Key Alliances in the past 5 years and their performance & impact on other players in the industry. Mergers & Acquisitions, if any. Technological developments. Labour unrest if any –reasons thereof and impact on the particular player and the industry as a whole. Emerging first generation entrepreneurs, if any, in the industry. Corporate wars & feuds in the industry, if any.


• Students should work in groups of 3 to 5 each under the guidance of a faculty.

• Students shall study various aspects of any TWO industries (group of similar business entities) of their choice.

• Focus shall be the comparative and historical analysis across the players in the industry.

• Students shall submit a structured detailed report.

• The evaluation shall be made by a panel of two examiners. One of the examiners shall be the Internal

• Faculty. The other examiner may be an external faculty or a person from the relevant industry. The evaluation shall be based on the following criteria:

 Report – 20 Marks

 Presentation – 15 Marks

 Question & Answer – 15 Marks

 Learning Resources

Supplementary Reading Material

• Annual reports of various companies

• Economic Times

• Business Standard

• Business Line

• Business Today

• Business India


• Websites of various companies

• Websites of various ministries of the Government of India

• Websites of various trade bodies

• Websites of stock exchanges


• Economic and Political Weekly