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List of Interesting Topics for Powerpoint Presentations

Academic dishonesty is the first step in corruption!

Academic freedom should be permitted in our higher education!

Are boys better at sport than girls?

Are footballers overpaid?

Are girls more intelligent than boys?

Are humans animals?

Are humans more intelligent than other animals?

Are vampires real?

Balance between personal and professional life

Balance between respiration and photosynthesis

Balance between rights and duties

Ban on cell phone usage in Schools and colleges

Bermuda Triangle: Miracle or Science?

Best alternate fuels to the Petrol and Diesel

Best solutions for Terror attacks

Do aliens really exist?

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Do mermaids really exist?

Do our planners lack foresight?

Do vampires really exist on earth?

Does God really Exist?

Every tick of clock formulates history

Fear sets in if you don’t grab opportunities

Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Government is responsible for high petrol prices!

Gun Control: Good or Bad?

How social networks are bad/good?

How to balance between mother and wife

How to calculate life of Earth?

If you can’t convince him, confuse him

Indian villages : strength or weakness

Internet is producing copycats

Is China a threat to Indian Industry?

Is cricket a curse for the other games in India!

Is India Need Reforms in Health sector?

is it right for a life to protect another

It is better to die on feet than to live on knees

Life is full of ” Ifs” and ” Buts”

Love marrage vs Arranged marrage

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage!

Measures to control corruption

Media censorship: your views

My mother-in-law eats people in lunch

Necessity of Sex Education

Palliative care is in need of a lifeline

Plastic Roads

-Can use regular machinery

-Opportunity for garbage collectors

-Environment friendly

-Less pits or ditches

-Can be used carrybags, plastic material etc, money saver

Population: Asset or Threat for growth!

Revolutions are not made, they come

Should All the World Armies be Dissolved?

Should drugs become legal?

Should guns be banned in America?

Should military service be obligatory?

should our society be gun free

Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

Should smoking be banned?

Should sport be obligatory at school?

Should the death penalty exist?

Should we be happy with what we have?

The Death Penalty: Use it or not?

The truth about Unidentified Flying Object

They conquer who believe they can

Top 10 Discoveries of the Decade

Truth about Reincarnation

What is intelligence?

What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the self?

Where are the ethics of business?

Who is responsible for global warming: Government or Public?

who is responsible for global warming?

who is responsible to protect endangered species?

Who will be the next superpower?

The Duplicate Mobile phone Market in (write country name here) – Who is responsible?

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