International Business Management (IBM ) Syllabus  – MBA Pune University for year 2008 to 2010

    Subject Code: 402, External Common Subject

    1. International Business Environment

    Globalization – Forces, Meaning,  dimensions and stages in Globalization – Introduction to theories of International Trade by Adam Smith, Ricardo and Ohlin & Heckler – Trading Environment of International Trade – Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers – Trade Blocks – Rise of new economies like Japan, South East Asia and China as compared to India. (25)

    2. Country Risk Analysis –

    Political, Social and Economic – Cultural and Ethical (10) practices – Halsteade model – Responsibilities of International Business

    3. Managing Multinational Enterprises –

    roblems and Potential – Multinational (4) Service Organizations – Indian companies becoming Multinationals – Potential, Need and Problems

    4. Introduction to International Financial Management –

    Balance of Trade and (10) Balance of Payment – International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank and World Bank – Financial Markets and Instruments – Introduction to Export and Import Finance – Methods of payment in International Trade – Introduction to current EXIM policy.

    5. Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Laws –

    General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, (3) (GATT), World Trade Organization – IPR, TRIPS, TRIMS, GATS – Ministerial Conferences.

    6. International Marketing –

    Entry strategies – Market selection – Barriers (2)

    7. Global sourcing and its impact on Indian Industry –

    Globalization and internal reform process – India’s competitive advantage in industries like IT, Textiles, Gems & Jewellery etc. – Potential and threats (3)

    8. Case Studies:

    Country Risk Analysis Cases on theories of International TradeCases on WTO related to topic 5 Cases on International Marketing (3)

    Recommended Books :-

    International Businessv- Text and Cases, 2nd Edition, P Subba Rao, Himalaya Publishing House

    International Business Environment – Sundaram and Black

    International Business Environment – Bhalla and Raju

    IInternational Financial Management – P.G.Apte

    International Business – Francis Cherulinam

    International Business – Rao and Rangachari

    Export Management – Rathod

    International Business – Rao and Rangachari

    Global Business Today – Charles Hill

    International Business – Charles Hill

    International Business Environment & Operations – John D.Daniels

    Global Marketing Management, 7th Edition, Warren Keegan, Pearson Education