This is a list of International Business topics for Paper Presentations and Seminars for college students as well as professionals. You can use these topics for international trade, International Business Management, foreign trade presentations and seminars. you can suggest more topics by using comment box.

    List of International Business Topics

    Accounting performance evaluation practices by MNEs

    Adoption of International Financial Accounting Reporting Standards by the EU

    American investment in British manufacturing industry

    An evaluation of IMF – World bank

    Balance of payment position of India.

    Balance of payments

    Basic issues in franchising

    Basic issues in International licensing

    Beyond the Uruguay round: – The Indian Perspective on GATT

    Blunders in cross cultural training

    Borderless World

    Breakdown of the Bretton wood system and Emergence of managed floating.

    Business process outsourcing

    Can vertical specialization explain the growth of world trade?

    Change in scenario of international business.

    Changing patterns of International production

    Comparative cost advantage with money.

    Competitive advantage in a Global Setting

    Cooperation between the IASB and the US FASB

    Country differences in degree of globalization

    Criticisms of Globalization

    Cross border Mergers & Acquisitions.

    Cross cultural communication process & negotiations.

    Cross cultural training.

    Cross National Cooperation and Agreements

    Cultural attitude and International business

    Cultural Distance: usefulness and limitations for International Business

    Cultural transformation

    Currency exchange rates and their management

    Debate on off-shoring

    Determinants of growth in transition economies

    Determination of exchange rates

    Development of services that support international business

    Differences between GATT & WTO

    Different modes of entry to foreign markets

    Different product placements in movies and television internationally

    Dimensions of International adjustment

    Distribution of political freedom

    Division of labor and specialization

    Does Geography matter in International Trade or Business?

    Does International Business lead to Cultural Imperialism?

    Drivers and restrainers of globalization

    Economic effects of RIAs

    Economic growth of the world

    Economic integration of developing countries

    Economic similarity of developed country

    Economies of scale

    Effect of location on innovation

    Effect of religion on economic growth

    Effects of consumer preferences foreign sourced products.

    Elements of export price structure.

    EMS, ECU & Euro

    Environment of international business and its significance

    Environmental challenges for Newmont Mining in Indonesia

    Essential conditions for globalization

    Ethnocentric approach of IB

    Evaluation of India’s Globalization process

    Evolution and diffusion of legal systems

    Evolution of international business

    Exchange rate and convertibility of the rupee

    Expanded coverage of international economic analysis

    Export credit risk insurance.

    External sector liberalization in India

    Factors affecting international investment

    Factors affecting International pricing

    Factors influencing the value of a currency

    Foreign direct investment with strategic alliances

    Foreign direct investment without alliances

    Foreign exchange management act

    Foreign Investment by Indian companies

    FTA : Boon or bane ?

    GATT & Global liberalization

    GATT / WTO : Benefits to India.

    Geocentric approach of IB

    Global economy and business environment

    Global Neighbors, Poor relations

    Global strategic Rivalry Theory

    Globalization and inequality of nations

    Globalization and the reforms of European Social Models

    Globalization and consequences of international fragmentation

    Government Influence on International Trade

    Governments markets and multinational enterprises

    Greenfield versus acquisitions decisions

    Growth of multilingual and transnational individuals

    How technology fastens the process of globalization?

    How to minimize political risks?

    Impact of Internet on Globalization

    Impact of Internet on Import & Export

    Impact of technology on International business

    Implications of Absolute cost advantage theory of International trade.

    Implications of FDI for business

    Important forces behind Globalization

    Income distribution and Poverty

    India – Singapore CECA

    India in the world economy

    India’s global ambitions

    Indianisation of Transnationals

    Indo – Lanka Free trade agreement

    Integration of work from the World Values Survey

    International banking & euro currency market

    International business law

    International dimensions of organizational behavior

    International economic organizations

    International investment & finance

    International Investment and International trade in the product life cycle

    International monetary system & foreign exchange market

    International product life cycle

    International SWOT analysis

    International Trade and Factor Mobility Theory

    Internationalization of stock markets

    Is Globalization Inevitable?

    Knowledge flows within MNCs

    Leontif Paradox

    Levels of Export promotion Institutions in India

    Liberalized exchange rate management system

    Life cycle of a joint venture

    Limitations & Dangers of foreign capital

    Macroeconomic issues affecting business decisions

    Major ethical issues like global warming and child labor

    Managing International Operations

    Marketing regulation to third world countries


    Ministerial conference

    Most Favored Nation (MFN) clause

    Multilateral Agreements on Investment (MAI)

    Multinational advertising: – Factors influencing the standardized us specialized approach.

    National disasters arid health problems as location risk problems

    Nationalism and business policy

    Need for training & development for global jobs

    Network and virtual forms of organization

    Nobel economists’ views on future challenges

    Non agricultural Market Access (NAMA)

    North American free trade agreement (NAFTA)

    Operational legal concerns

    Organization of Economic cooperation & development (OECD)

    Performance appraisal in global companies

    Play of domestic and international factors on exchange rate values

    Polycentric approach of international business

    Porter’s National competitive advantage

    Problems of international business

    Pros and cons of outsourcing innovation

    Pros and cons of strategic trade policy

    Pros and cons of trade sanctions

    Public attitudes to globalization

    Qualitative factors that impact location decisions

    Reasons for Deficit Balance of India

    Recent trade wars and retaliation

    Regeocentric approach of IB

    Regional integration Agreement & Trade (RIAs)

    Relationship between interventionist and free trade theories

    Relationship between trade and factor mobility

    Relative factor endowments theory

    Resources offered by the government to international traders

    Risks associated with International business

    Role of MNCs (multinational company) in India

    Salient features of UR agreement

    Should Africa Develop a common Currency?

    Should smaller firms use third world methods to enter third world markets

    South cooperation

    Stages of Internationalization

    Strategy of Japanese car makers in Europe

    Structural & organizational changes in global firms

    The competitive advantage of nations

    The demise of the product life cycle in International business today

    The effect of foreign trade on the distribution of income

    The future of global governance

    The global logic of strategic alliances

    The Globalization of Professional Sports

    The newly Industrialized countries in the world economy

    Theory of Absolute cost advantage

    TNC’s :- The Ever Grasping Drive

    Towards a Globe airline industry prospects and impediments

    Trade balances and deficits

    Trade related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs)

    Trade related Investment measures (TRIMs)

    Trends in global income distribution

    Trunkey project

    Understanding strategic intent in the Global market place

    United nations conference on trade and development (UNCTAD)

    What will happen to national culture in the era of globalization?

    Why are Globalization and International Business Important?

    Why companies become multinational companies ?

    Why companies engage in International business?

    Why FDI when other means are available ?

    Why international Business differs from Domestic Business?

    Workplace trends and organizational forms

    WTO & developing countries

    WTO & Global liberalization

    More International Business Topics

    CSR in multinational companies

    CSR and International development

    International aspects of CSR

    CSr as an international steategy

    CSR as a developing and challenging issues for business

    TRIPS (Agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property rights)

    AirTouch communications

    Arena of International Finance

    Balance of payments

    Borderless World

    Broad market strategies: cost leadership advantage

    CIF Value (Cost, Insurance and freight value)

    Cross cultural issues in social and cultural environment

    Cultural Typology (Hofsteede)

    Decision criteria for international business

    Driving and restraining forces affecting Global Integration and Global Marketing

    Entry and expansion decision model

    FIFO costing method (First In First Out)

    FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act)

    Foreign Exchange currency fluctuations

    GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

    Geographic expansion strategies

    Global Advertising and Branding

    Global economy / World Economy

    Global e marketing

    Global competition and National Competitive Advantage

    Global localization

    Global Market Segmentation

    Global Product Positioning

    Global Marketing

    Global Marketing Audit

    Global Marketing Information Database

    Global Marketing Information Systems and Research

    Global pricing objectives and strategies

    Global strategic partnerships

    Global village products

    GNP (Gross National Product)

    ICC – International Chamber of commerce

    ICCA – International council for commercial arbitration

    IEOs – International economic organizations

    Income and Purchasing power parity around the globe

    International Judiciary organizations

    IMF – International Monetary Fund

    International Trade Alliances

    International partnerships in Developing countries

    ITC – International Trade comission

    Leverage as driving force of global marketing

    LIFO costing method – (Last In First Out )

    Management Myopia as restraining force for global marketing

    Marketing in transitional economies and less developed countries

    MNC – Multinational companies

    National competitive advantage

    NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement

    Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act

    Organizational culture as restraining force for global marketing

    OECD – Organization for economic cooperation and development

    OIEC – Organization for International Economic Cooperation

    Parallel importing

    Patent cooperation treaty (PCT)

    Performance evaluation in global marketing audit

    Postindustrial countries

    Preindustrial countries

    Product saturation levels in global markets

    Regional economic agreement as driving force of global marketing

    Stages of International Market Development

    Strategic alliances

    The nature of Global Strategic Partnerships

    The future of International Business

    The future of global marketing

    Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE)

    World court

    World Bank

    WWW (World Wide Web)