Legal Aspects of Business (LAB) Syllabus MBA Pune University for Academic Year 2013 – 14. This is new revised syllabus wit some changes in MBA pattern.

    Subject Name: Legal Aspects of Business

    Subject Type: Generic Core

    Subject Code: 103

    Marks: 100

    Distribution of Marks: 50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)

    Unit 1 The Indian Contract Act 1871

    Essential elements of valid contract,

    Performance an discharge of contract,

    Breach of contract – meaning and remedies,

    Contracts of indemnity – meaning, nature-right of indemnity holder and indemnifier

    Contract of guarantee – meaning, nature and features – types of guarantee – provisions relating to various types of guarantee.

    Surety and co-surety – rights and liabilities – discharge of surety,

    Agency – agent and principal, creation of agency – classification of agents – relationship between principal and agent – agent’s authority – revocation and renunciation – rights duties and liabilities of agents and principal –termination of agency. ( 7 + 2 )

    Unit 2 Sale of Goods Act 1930

    Contract of sale of goods – meaning –essentials of contract of sale – formalities of contract of sale

    Conditions and warranties

    Transfer of property or ownership

    Performance of contract of sale

    Rights of unpaid seller – rules as to delivery of goods ( 7 + 2 )

    Unit 3 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

    Negotiable Instruments –meaning – characteristics – types – parties, holder and holder in due Course

    Negotiation and types of endorsements

    Dishonour of negotiable instruments – noting and protesting

    Liability of parties on Negotiable Instruments (7 + 2)

    Unit 4 Companies Act 1956

    Company – definition – meaning – features and types of companies.

    Incorporation of a company – memorandum of association, articles of association and prospectus

    Share Capital- types of share capital – increase/decrease of share capital –buy-back of shares.(7 + 2)

    Unit 5 Other Laws:

    Consumer Protection Act 1986 – definitions of consumer, consumer dispute complaint – goods – Service – unfair trade practice – consumer dispute redressal agencies

    Information Technology Act – Digital Signature – Electronic Governance

    Intellectual Property Laws –Understanding of concepts of patents,copyrights, trademarks and designs

    Text Books

    • Elements of Mercantile Law by N.D. Kapoor, Sultan Chand, 32nd Edition

    Reference Books

    • Legal Aspects of Business, Akhileshwar Pathak, Tata McGraw Hill, 4th Edition

    • Business Law, S.S.Gulshan, Excel Books, 4th Edition.

    • Business Law for Management, K.R.Bulchandani, Himalaya Publications, revised 6th Edition.

    • Bare Acts

    Supplementary Reading Material

    • Corporate Law Advisor

    • LawZ

    • Legal News & views








    • Management & Labour studies

    • International Labour Review