In this post we have tried to identify various limitations of Marketing Research. Marketing research is an important tool to identify customer need & market situation &  to make marketing strategy. Marketing research has many wide scope and advantages and at the same time it has some limitations which we should consider while preparing any marketing related strategy for an organization.

Following are some limitations of Marketing Research which we have tried to explain with suitable examples:

1. Marketing research is not the only tool or input for decision making.

The marketing research is not the only source to collect information and make important business decisions.

Many small businesses are successful without doing marketing research.

In 1980’s there was a research study conducted for camera demand in India. The finding was that there was no demand for Camera and it would not succeed. The went ahead and launched camera and it was a huge success.

Marketing research works best when combined with judgement, intuition, experience, and passion.

2Success of Product or Business is not depends on Marketing research only.

The success or failure of product, service or organization is depends on many factors such as product design, marketing strategy, competitors strategy and implementation.

3. Research Result variations

Marketing research conducted by different research agencies or organizations may show different results.

4. Marketing Manager should not take decision based on Marketing Research only.

Along with marketing research , marketing managers may need to look into other information while making a decision.

5. Superficial and faulty

Marketing research is criticized on the groung that it becomes too superficial and faulty in Industry.

There should be a deep and scientific base for research with trained employees or researchers.

6. Communication gap

Many times, there is an absence of proper communication between between the marketing management and the marketing research team.

7. Marketing research is not an exact science

It’s not possible to get accurate results by doing marketing research, because it’s not an exact science.

8. Misuse of Data

Sometimes the data collected for marketing research may be misused for sales.

9. Delay in Decision making

Marketing research may lead to delay in decision making

10. To grab power and position

Sometimes it may be used to grab power,  position and authority in organization. It may happen with over ambitious executives.


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