Computer Engineering Department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Pune is organizing LINUXICATION 2013 workshop to share knowledge and bridge the gap between rural and urban India. This is the third successive year of this event. MIT Computer User Group (MCUG) is the main coordinating and organizing group of this workshop.

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MIT Pune




23rd and 24th 2013


Rs. 150

Free Goodies and Toolkit



Industrial Talk, Right from the expert

Flavours of Linux (Unity and Gnome)

Linux File System and Networking

GCC and GDB for C/C++ Programming and Debugging

Terminal Commands and System Architecture

Shell Scripting and Make Files


DAY 1 (23rd Feb. 2013 – Saturday)

1. Industrial Talk: right from the expert

a. Why to use Linux?

b. What are the opportunities in Linux and other open source tools?

c. How was his experience with Linux?

2. Installation of Linux base Operating System

a. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be used for installation

b. What is Super-OS?

c. During installation, partition with different file-systems like /,/home,/boot


3. Exploring GUI of Ubuntu

a. Different Applications like VLC, Firefox, Libre Office

b. Nautilus v/s Windows Explorer

c. WINE (windows basic game in Ubuntu)

4. Terminal

a. Fundamental commands like cat, locate, cd, grep, ls…

b. Pipe operator, chmod, ps, pmap, man

5. Basic Networking through GUI

a. To create DSL connection

b. Connect to Hidden Wireless Network

c. Proxy Settings

d. Remote Desktop

Fun part:

SOURCE CODE EXPLORATION like Firefox, VLC, Gcalculator

End of the day 1

DAY 2 (24 th Feb. 2013 – Sunday)

6. Programming

a. C program using VI editor

b. C program compilation using gcc

c. Debugging using gdb and different commands using gdb

d. Segmentation fault and reason behind it and how to solve it?

e. Namespaces and C++ program compilation using g++

7. Make and TAR

a. Compression and Decompression using TAR compression technique

b. MAKE file and source code make generation

c. .deb/.rpm package installation

d. Synaptic package manager

e. Apt-get install <package name>


8. Shell Scripting

a. Shell Script v/s Make

b. Shell Script v/s Batch File in Windows

c. Examples

9. Problems and System Exploration

a. Grub-rescue error

b. Password Recovery

c. Grub configuration file editing

Fun Part: COWSAY, Showcase different distribution of Linux based Operating System


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