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Author Publication Price(Rs.)

Logistical Management: Integrated Supply Chain Process Bowersox, 

D. J/ Closs, D. J. TMH 450

Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Cases & Concepts

Raghuram, G/ Rangaraj, N. Macmillan 375

Logistics Management: Supply Chain Imperative

Sople, V. V. Pearson 325

Materials & Logistics Management

Jhamb, L. C. Everest 240

Materials & Logistics Management

Kasande, S. P. Nirali NA

Logistics Management

S. K. Bhattacharya S. Chand 330

Logistics Management 

Shardul Chaubey  Discovery Publishing House  750

Logistics Management 

S C Ailawadi, R P Singh   PHI   225

Physical Distribution Management: Logistical Approach

Khanna, K. K. Himalaya NA

Logistics Management

Seema Gupta, Kumar Krishnan Knowledge Books Distributor 1250

Global Logistics Management: Competitive Advantage For The 21st Century

Gourdin, K. N. Blackwell 3200

Global Supply Chain Management & International Logistics

 Branch,A. E. Routledge 395

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