Maharashtra MAH MCA CET 2016 is the Common Entrance Test conducted by DTE for taking admission in MCA all over Maharashtra. Maharashtra MAH MCA CET Syllabus & Marking Scheme is decided by DTE Maharashtra.

The syllabus of MCA MAH CET exam covers basically two-part General Aptitude and Computer components.

 Syllabus  Questions 
 General Aptitude: 

 Logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, high  school mathematics,  vocabulary, English  comprehension and verbal ability.

Computer  Components: 

 Computer Basics, Data Representation, Computer  Architecture,  Computer Language, Operating  System  basics



General aptitude:

The detailed topics covered in the syllabus of General Aptitude is as below:

  • Logical reasoning
  • quantitative reasoning
  • high school mathematics
  • vocabulary English comprehension
  • verbal ability.

In high school Maths the topics that are covered are :

  •    Algebra
  •    Coordinate Geometry
  •    Differential Equations
  •    Trigonometry
  •    Probability and Statistics
  •    Arithmetic
  •    Basic Set Theory and Functions
  •    Mensuration.

Computer Components:

Computer components syllabus covers:

  • Computer Basics
  • Data Representation
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Language
  • Operating System basics


MAH MCA CET is a Online exam consist of two parts the duration for which is 90 minutes. Each part has 25 multiple choice questions. Each correct answer secure 4 marks and each wrong answer carry 1 negative mark. No marks for unanswered questions.

          Part Number of Questions  Correct Answers  Negative Mark
 General Aptitude                   25                  4             1
 Computer  Components                   25                  4             1

To sum up the marking scheme it can said as:

Name of the exam  MCA MAH CET
Duration:  90 Minutes
Type of Exam:  Online
Type of Questions:  Multiple Choice Objective Questions
Total Number of Questions:  50
Total Part:  2  ( General Aptitude & Computer Concepts)
Each Part Contains:  25 Questions
Each Correct Answer carries:  4 Marks
Each wrong Answer Carries:  1 Marks
Unanswered Questioned:  No Effect


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