MAH MCA CET Syllabus 2016

Maharashtra MAH MCA CET 2016 is the Common Entrance Test conducted by DTE for taking admission in MCA all over Maharashtra. Maharashtra MAH MCA CET Syllabus & Marking Scheme is decided by DTE Maharashtra.

The syllabus of MCA MAH CET exam covers basically two-part General Aptitude and Computer components.

 Syllabus  Questions 
 General Aptitude: 

 Logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, high  school mathematics,  vocabulary, English  comprehension and verbal ability.

Computer  Components: 

 Computer Basics, Data Representation, Computer  Architecture,  Computer Language, Operating  System  basics



General aptitude:

The detailed topics covered in the syllabus of General Aptitude is as below:

  • Logical reasoning
  • quantitative reasoning
  • high school mathematics
  • vocabulary English comprehension
  • verbal ability.

In high school Maths the topics that are covered are :

  •    Algebra
  •    Coordinate Geometry
  •    Differential Equations
  •    Trigonometry
  •    Probability and Statistics
  •    Arithmetic
  •    Basic Set Theory and Functions
  •    Mensuration.

Computer Components:

Computer components syllabus covers:

  • Computer Basics
  • Data Representation
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Language
  • Operating System basics


MAH MCA CET is a Online exam consist of two parts the duration for which is 90 minutes. Each part has 25 multiple choice questions. Each correct answer secure 4 marks and each wrong answer carry 1 negative mark. No marks for unanswered questions.

          Part Number of Questions  Correct Answers  Negative Mark
 General Aptitude                   25                  4             1
 Computer  Components                   25                  4             1

To sum up the marking scheme it can said as:

Name of the exam  MCA MAH CET
Duration:  90 Minutes
Type of Exam:  Online
Type of Questions:  Multiple Choice Objective Questions
Total Number of Questions:  50
Total Part:  2  ( General Aptitude & Computer Concepts)
Each Part Contains:  25 Questions
Each Correct Answer carries:  4 Marks
Each wrong Answer Carries:  1 Marks
Unanswered Questioned:  No Effect


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*Helpline is available on weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM in English, हिंदी & मराठी languages. The first support line is from us. Rest are from DTE Maharashtra.

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