Mahatma Fule Arts,Commerce & Sitaramji Choudhari Science Mahavidyalaya, Warud, Amaravati

Shri Shivaji Education Society’s, Mahatma Fule Arts,Commerce & Sitaramji Choudhari Science Mahavidyalaya is an art and science college located at Warud, Amravati.

College Name

Shri Shivaji Education Society’s, Mahatma Fule Arts,Commerce & Sitaramji Choudhari Science Mahavidyalaya, Warud district Amravati



Established by

Shikshan Maharshi Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh

Accredited by


Affiliated to

Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati


Library Department

Subject Study Board

Games and Sports

National Cadet Corp

National Social Scheme

Cultural Activities

Employment Guidance

Alumni Association

Parent Teacher Scheme

Ladies Room

Co-operative Store

Extension Services





Physical Education



Pol. Science



B.A. Subjects



English Literature

Marathi Literature

Functional English




Political Science


Home Economics (only for girls)

Environmental Science (only for 2nd year)

Master of Arts (M.A.)




B.Sc. Subjects

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Physics, Electronics, Mathematics

Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

Electronics, Mathematics, Computer Science

Chemistry, Zoology, Bio-informatics

Chemistry, Botany, Bio-informatics

Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

B.Com Subjects

B.Com I (Marathi / English)



Business Economics

Principles of Business Management

Computer Fundamentals and Operating System

Financial Accounting

B.Com II (Marathi / English)



Corporate Accounting

Business Mathematics and Statistics

Income Tax and Auditing

Money and Financial System

Information Technology and Business Data Processing

Environment Science

B.Com III (Marathi Medium)



Cost and Management Accounting

Business Environment (BEM)

Business Regulatory Framework & Company Law

Internet & World wide web

Essentials of E-Commerce

Master of Commerce (M.Com I) Eng. Medium (Sem I, Sem II)

YCMOU, Nasik Study Center

Preperatory Course



M.Com.(YCMOU Nasik Study Center)

U.G.C. Sponsored Courses

Certificate, Diploma & Advance Dip. in


Communication Skills in English

Informaton and Comm. Technology

Bio-Medical Laboratory Techniques

Fashion Designing


Junior College

Arts Subjects






Political Science

Home Management

Environmental Education

Commerce Subjects

Marathi / Information Technology



Secreterial Practice

Organisation of Commerce

Book keeping & Accounting

Environmental Education

M.C.V.C. Courses

Auto Engineering Technology


Maintenance and Repair of Electric

Domestic Appliances

Science Subjects

Compulsory Subjects

Marathi or Information Technology


Environmental Education

Optional Subjects





Home Management


Dr. D.V. Atkare, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Teaching Staff: Senior: Science Faculty

S.No. Neme Qualifications Subject Designation

1.Dr.D.V. Atkare M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Physics Principal

2.Shri M.A. Mahure (H.O.D.) M.Sc., B.Ed. Physics Associate Prof.

3.Ku. A.A. Pakhale M.Sc., SET, B.Ed Physics Assistant Prof.

4.Shri. V.S. Bawane (H.O.D.) M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil Mathematics Assistant Prof.

5.Dr. R.S. Wadbudhe M.Sc., Ph.D.Mathematic Assistant Prof.

6.Dr. U.E. Choudhari (H.O.D.) M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Chemistry Associate Prof.

7.Dr. R.P. Ganorkar M.Sc., Ph.D. Chemistry Assistant Prof.

8.Dr. J.S. Bansod (H.O.D.) M.Sc., Ph.D. Botany Associate Prof.

9.Shri. O.S. Deshmukh M.Sc., NET Botany Assistant Prof.

10Shri. S.V. Satpute M.Sc., SET Botany Assistant Prof.

11.Dr. M.B. Bobade M.Sc., Ph. D. Botany Assistant Prof.

12.Dr. S.R. Kondulkar (H.O.D.) M.Sc., Ph.D Zoology Assistant Prof.

13.Dr. A.K. Solanke M.Sc., Ph.D. Zoology Assistant Prof.

14.Shri. K.V. Pawar (H.O.D.) M.Sc. Electronics Associate Prof.

15.Shri. R.R. Zoting M.Sc. Electronics Associate Prof.

16.Shri. S.M. Ghatole M.Sc. Electronics Assistant Prof.

17.Dr. R.S. Wadbudhe (Incharge) M.Sc., Ph.D., B.Ed. Comp. Science Assistant Prof.

Arts Faculty

1.Shri. S.D. Ohale (H.O.D.) M.A. English Associate Prof.

2.Dr. P.P. Deshmukh M.A., Ph.D. English Associate Prof.

3.Shri. A.B. Kukade M.A. English Assistant Prof.

4. Dr. P.R. Pundkar (H.O.D) M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Marathi Associate Prof.

5.Lt. Dr. C.D. Pakhrare M.A.,Ph.D,SET Marathi Assistant Prof.

6.Dr. M.N. Bhilpawar M.A.B.Ed.Ph.D.,SET Marathi Assistant Prof.

7.Ku. S.R. Gadge M.A.,NET Marathi Assistant Prof.

8.Shri. V.W. Bijwe (H.O.D) M.A.M. Phil. Economics Associate Prof.

9.Dr. S.A. Kalmegh (H.O.D.) M.A.M.Phil., Ph.D. Philosophy Assistant Prof.

10.Shri. P.P. Dolas (H.O.D.) M.A.,M.Phil. B.Ed. Political Scis. Associate Prof.

11.Shri. V.N. Telmore (H.O.D.) M.P.Ed. Phy.Education Associate Prof.

12.Ms. S.N. Ratnaparkhi (H.O.D) M.A., M.Phil. Home Eco. Associate Prof.

Commerce Faculty

1.Shri. V.M. Raut (H.O.D.) M.Com.M.Phil, Ph.D. Associate Prof.

2.Mrs. M.R. Umekar M.Com.M.Phil., B.Ed. Assistant Prof.

Junior College Staff

Science Faculty

1.Miss. A.N. Sable M.Sc.,B.Ed. Mahematics Jr. College Teacher

2.Shri. S.L. Deoghare M.Sc. B.Ed. Physics Jr. College Teacher

3.Shri. S.D. Thakur M.Sc.,B.Ed. Physics Jr. College Teacher

4Ku. V.O. Bhagwat M.Sc.,B.Ed. Physics Jr. College Teacher

5.Shri T.P.Kanugo M.Sc.B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher

7.Shri A. N. Ingole M.Sc., B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher

8.Ku. M.B. Kalbande M.Sc., B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher

9.Ku. A.R. Deshmukh M.Sc.,B.Ed. Jr. College Teacher

Arts Faculty

1.Shri. Y.N. Rathod M.A., B.Ed. English Jr. College Teacher

2.Shri. B.S. Dongare M.A., B.Ed. English Jr. College Teacher

3.Dr.Ms. M.H. Ande M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. Marathi Jr. College Teacher

4.Shri. R.T. Tasre M.A., B.Ed. Marathi Jr. College Teacher

5.Shri. K.B. Kotambkar M.A., B.Ed. Economics Jr. College Teacher

6.Ms. S.J.Ghorpade M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed Philosophy Jr. College Teacher

7.Ms. M.R. Wankhade M.A., B.Ed. Poli.Sci.

Jr. College Teacher

8.Mrs. R.B. Bhadange B.Ed. Home Eco. Jr. College Teacher

9.Shri N.D. Thakre M.A., M.P. Ed. Physical Edu. PTI

Commerce Faculty

1.Shri. P.K. Wankhade M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed. Jr. College Teacher

2.Shri. A.S. Wankhade M.Com., B.Ed. Jr. College Teacher


Teaching Staff

1.Shri. S.G. Ande (H.O.D) DEE Teacher (Elect.)

2.Shri. H.R. Lanjewar DME Teacher (Auto)

3.Shri. R.M. Bhajan M.Sc. Teacher (Horti)

4.Shri. A.O. Mudnaik ITI, Cti,NCTVI. Instr.(Auto)

5.S.S.Thakre ITI, CTI. Instr.(Elect.)

6.Shri. R.R Kalmegh B.Sc.,B.Ed. Instuctor(Horti.)

7.Shri. S.M. Mohod M.A.B.Ed. Teacher

8.Shri. N.G. Maraskolhe M.A.B.Ed. Teacher

Administrative Staff (Office) vacant Registar

2.Shri. S.V. Raut B.Com Suprintendent

3.Shri. K.B. Rajgade B.A. Head Clerk

5.Shri P.B.Patil H.S.S.C Jr. Clerk

6.Shri. P.W.Bhosle M.A. (Eco) Jr. Clerk

7.Shri. N.D. Thakre B.A. Jr. Clerk

8.Ku. S.N. Gawande B.A. Jr. Clerk

9.Shri. G.R. Wadive B.A. II Peon

10.Shri. N.G. Watke Watchman

11.Smt. M.N. Suryawanshi H.S.S.C. Peon

12.Mrs. S.A. Pawar S.S.C Peon

13.Smt. S.R. Dhok S.S.C. Peon

14.Ku. A.N. Giri S.S.C. Peon

15.Shri. A.S. Ghorpade S.S.C. Peon

16.Shri. H.N. Sanesar S.S.C. Peon


1.Shri. S.T. Ghorpade B.Sc., M.Lib Librarian

2.Shri. S.S. Mandve B.A., M.Lib Ast. Librarian

4.Shri. J.D. Ingale B.A., C.Lib.C.T.C Clerk

5.Shri. S.C. Bilgaye H.S.S.C. Lib. Attendant

6.Shri. P.T. Nagdeve S.S.C. Lib. Attendant

7.Shri. T.S. Surjuse H.S.S.C. Lib. Attendant

8.Shri. V.K. Kadu Lib. Attendant

9.Shri. M.N. Sonare Lib. Attendant

10.Shri. B.K. Khandare Lib. Attendant

Laboratory Assistants

1.Shri. R.N. Waghmare B.A. Lab. Assistant

2.Ku. S.H. Makeshwar B.Sc. Lab. Assistant

3.Shri. P.V. Alone H.S.S.C. Lab. Assistant

Laboratory Attendants

4.Shri. D.A. Tidke H.S.S.C Lab. Attendant

5.Shri. R.K. Bhoyar H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

6.Shri. U.P. Kusre H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

7.Shri. J.R. Kalbende S.S.C Lab. Attendant

8.Shri. P.P. Thorat S.S.C Lab. Attendant

9.Shri. N.R. Dudhkaware Lab. Attendant

10.Ms. S.B. Shrikande H.S.S.C Lab. Attendant

11.Shri. D.P. Padole S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

12.Shri. D.P. Tidke Lab. Attendant

13.Shri. P.R. Patil H.S.S.C Lab. Attendant

14.Shri. V.S. Manohare H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

15.Shri. A.C. Bawane H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

16.Shri. G.lB. Ajankar S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

17.Shri. N. S. Patil H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

18.Shri. A.S. Bhise B.A. Lab. Attendant

19.Shri. G.A. Wankhade S.S.C Lab. Attendant

20.Shri. A.N. Watke H.S.S.C. Lab. Attendant

Administrative Staff (MCVC)

1.Shri. R.M. Dange B.A. Clerk

2.Shri.R.G. Thakare S.S.C. Hamal


Mahatma Fule Arts, Commerce & Sitaramji Chovdhari Science College

Warud , Dist – Amravati (M.S.)

Phone Numbers

+(91) 88 88 88 72 50

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