We have given all previous MIS – Management Information Systems Question Papers of Pune University. Please refer notes section for possible answers of these questions.

General Information about Subject

Subject: Management Information Systems

Marks: 70 External (University Exam) + 30 Internal (College Level)

MAY 2009 OLD

Instructions to the candidates:-

1) Q. No. land Q. No.7 are compulsory.

2) Solve any four from remaining.

3) State your assumptions clearly.

Ql) The pay section of Om Sai Associates wants to compute the employee salary. Using employee details, attendance and all deductions.           [15]

a) Design data entry screen for

i)  Attendance

ii) Employee details

b)Report layout for payslip of employees.

Q2) Explain about various attributes of information and it’s relevance t6 decision making and also explain the various types of information.                    [10]

Q3) Describe the concept of data warehousing. Discuss the need of data warehousing in modem business.                                             [10]

Q4)  Describe about various phases in system Development life cycle.         [10]

Q5) Define EIS. Explain it’s characteristics.                                       [10]

Q6) Define Networking, explain different network topologies in detail.           [10]

Q7) Write short notes on (any three):                                        [3 x 5 = 15]

a)  DBMS

b)          CASE tools

c)          Ethical and social dimensions in MIS

d)         D8.S

MAY 2009 NEW

Instructions to the candidates:- 1) Q. No.1 and Q. No. 7 are compulsory. 2) Attempt any four from the remaining. 3) State your assumptions clearly.

QI)    A mobile company is developing mobile billing system. Company is offering more than one mobile to a customer. The mobile company offers facilities like music on demand, internet, alerts and messages, electricity bill payment etc. Customer can choose facilities he wants customer can pay bill either in cash, using credit card or through ECS. The bill shows details about tariff, facility charges and rent. As a analyst design a system having

a) Input screen for application for new mobile number.              [5]

b) Format of Pending Bill Report.                                               [5]

c) Format of service wise customer report.                                 [5]

Q2)  Explain Herbert Simon model of decision making.                                  [10]

Q3)  Define computer network. Explain the dIfferent types of networks.         [10

Q4)   What is data mining? Explain the advantages and disadvantages in detail.


Q5) Explain various characteristics of CASE tools.                                         [10]

Q6) Distinguish between MIS and DSS                                                         [10]

Q7) Write short notes on (any three):                                                            [15]

a) Prototyping model.

b) Quality Assurance.

c) Expert systems.

d) Types ~f Information.

APRIL 2012

Instructions to the candidates:- 1) Q.No. 1 and Q. No. 7 are compulsory. 2) Solve any four questions from remaining. 3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q1) Draw report layouts for the following and elaborate the use of these reports in the process of decision making. [15]

a) Paysheet. b) Monthly Productwise sales report. c) Goods Received Note.

Q2) What is role of MIS in the effective functioning of business organisation.[10]

Q3) Define information. Explain factors used in deciding quality of information.[10]

Q4) Explain concept of data ware housing. Discuss need of dataware housing in modern business. [10]

Q5) Explain the stages of SDLC in detail. [10]

Q6) What is artificial intelligence? Differentiate between conventional system and expert system. [10]

Q7) Write short notes on following (Any Three) [15]

a) Decision support system.

b) Network topologies.

c) Herbert Simon model

d) Threats to information security.