Management Information Systems Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

    Subject Name: Management Information Systems

    Subject Type: Generic Core ( External Subject for Sem II)

    Subject Code: 206

    Marks: 100

    Distribution of Marks: 50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)

    Unit 1 Management Information Systems:

    Need, Purpose and Objectives – Data, Information, Knowledge – Types of Information Systems – Information as a strategic resource – Use of information for competitive advantage

    Information Technology Infrastructure: Information Systems Architecture – Mainframe, Client Server, Web Based, Distributed, Grid, Cloud – Overview of Hardware, Software, Storage and Networking Devices – Networks Types – Topologies of Networks (7 + 2)

    Unit 2

    2.1 Data Base Management Systems: Concept – Relational Model Applications – DBMS Architecture

    2.2Systems Engineering Analysis and Design: Systems Concept – Systems Development Life Cycle – Assessing Enterprise Information requirements – Alternative System Building Approaches – Prototyping – Rapid Development Tools – CASE Tools – Object Oriented Systems (Only introduction to these tools & techniques) (7 + 2)

    Unit 3

    3.1 Decision Support Systems: Data Warehousing and Data Mining – Business Intelligence and Analytics – Group Decision Support Systems – Executive Information Systems – Executive Support Systems – Geographical Information Systems – Expert Systems and Knowledge Based Expert Systems – Artificial Intelligence (7 + 2)

    Unit 4

    4.1Digital firm Perspective: MIS Model for a digital firm – Organization Structure for digital firm – e-Business Models and Applications – Mobile computing, Call Centers, BPO

    4.2Management Issues in MIS: Information Security and Control – Quality Assurance -Ethical and Social Dimensions – Intellectual Property Rights as related to IT Services / IT Products (7 + 2)

    Unit 5

    5.1 Applications of MIS in functional areas as well as in the service sector should be covered with the help of minimum 5 case studies. (7 + 2)


    Emphasis should be given on management oriented problems and cases as compared to technical

    orientation expected from computer science/ computer management students.

    Text Books

    • Management Information Systems by Obrien, Marakas and Ramesh Behl,TMGH

    • Management Information Systems by Jawadekar, TMGH, 4th Edition

    Reference Books

    • Management Information Systems by Jaiswal and Mittal, Oxford University Press

    • Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems by Turban and Aronson, Pearson Education Asia

    • Management Information Systems by C.S.V.Murthy

    Supplementary Reading Material

    • Management Information Systems by Laudon, Laudon, Dass, Pearson Education Asia, 11th Edition

    • Management Information Systems by Davis and Olson, Tata McGraw Hill


    • MIS Quarterly, University of Minnesota

    • CSI Communications, Computer Society of India, Mumbai