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Subject: Marketing Management       Total Questions: 50


1. Define and explain different principles and objectives of Marketing Management.

2. Define & explain the concept of marketing management in present content.    

3. Write a note on extended or Augmented service mix.

4. Distinguish between marketing and selling as the basis of – Definition, meaning, Objectives, Importance and Scope                                                  

5. Classify products on the basis of their nature, consumer’s intentions and preferences, and social benefits.                                    

6. Explain the various factors affecting pricing of product.

7. What are Similarities and Differences between Selling and Marketing?

8. What are the factors affecting on Marketing Mix.

9. Define labeling and Explain functions of labeling.

10. What are the similarities and differences between consumer goods and industrial goods. Give suitable examples.

11. Explain the concept of Goods Service continuum with suitable diagram and examples.

12. Define & Explain promotion mix with suitable examples.

13. How personal selling is important to – a. business men  b. Customer and c. Society14. What are the basic features, Constituents and components of products. Explain with suitable examples.

15. What is marketing mix? Explain different elements (or components) of marketing mix

16. Explain the various Channels of distribution with suitable diagram and examples.

17. State briefly the objectives of Advertising.

18. What does physical distribution mean? Explain four important decision areas in management of physical distribution.                                                                    

19. Distinguish between advertising and personal selling.

20. What are the functions of Packaging?              

21. Explain the role of marketing in Indian economy.

22. What are the major activities involved in physical distribution of goods.

23. Define and Explain the term Branding with examples.

24. Explain the factors to be considered in the Pricing decision

25. Explain Objectives, Cost and Competition as factors determining the price of a Product.

26. Marketing and selling are synonymous terms. Do you agree? Give reasons.

27. What are the basic steps to develop new product. Explain this with Indian context.

28. Acer wants to promote its sales in the market. Suggest any three sales Promotion techniques for the purpose.

29. Define branding. State any four advantages of branding.

30. Suggest two ways to promote killing mosquitoes Device in Indian market.

31. Which media will you choose to advertise refined oil product and why?

32. What are the functions of marketing? Explain all with suitable examples.

33. What are the new trends in Packaging? Explain this with the list of new techniques packaging and suitable examples.

34. Enlist and explain different techniques of portfolio analysis.

35. Marketing is something more than just selling. Do you agree? Justify.

36. Explain the importance of personal selling.

37. What are the factors influencing on Pricing Decisions? How to manage price change?

38. What are the characteristics of channels of Distribution? (Marketing Channel)

39. What are the different factors affecting on decisions of channels of distribution?

40. Enlist and explain various channels of Distribution with example.

41. Write a short note on wholesalers and their types.

42. “Technology and Internet has great impact on Distribution.” Do you agree with this statement? Justify your opinion

43. What are the major roles of Promotion and Advertising in Marketing?.

44. What are the different types of Promotion? Explain with its characteristics.

45. “Technology and innovations are responsible for changed Preferences and buying behavior of Indian consumers.” What’s your opinion about this statement?

46. Is their any difference between Public Relations and Publicity? Justify your answer.

47. What is the role of employee in Services marketing.

48. Define the concept of Blueprint. Prepare a Blue Print for your business.

49. Define physical Evidence. What are the types of Physical Evidence?

50. What are the reasons for extended Marketing Mix for Services?


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