Marketing Management Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

Subject Name: Marketing Management

Subject Type: Generic Core ( External Subject for Sem II)

Subject Code: 201

Marks: 100

Distribution of Marks: 50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 New Product Development & Product Life Cycle:

1.1 New Product Development :Need for new product development, Booz Allen &Hamilton Classification Scheme for New Products

1.2 New Product Development Process: Idea Generation to commercialization.

1.3 Branding: Introduction to Branding, Product Vs. Brand, Meaning of a brand, brand equity & brand elements.

1.4 Packaging & Labeling: Meaning & role of Packaging & Labeling, Primary, Secondary & Shipment packages

1.5 Product Life Cycle: Concept & characteristics of Product Life Cycle, Relevance of PLC, Types of PLC and Strategies across stages of the PLC. (7 + 2)

Unit 2 Price:

2.1Pricing Basics: Meaning, Importance and Factors influencing pricing decisions

2.2Setting the Price: Setting pricing objectives, Determining demand, Estimating costs, Analyzing competitors’ pricing, Selecting pricing method, Selecting final price.

2.3Adapting the Price: Geographical pricing, Price discounts & allowances, Promotional pricing, Differentiated pricing,

2.4Price Change: Initiating & responding to price changes. ( 6 + 2 )

Unit 3 Place:

3.1 The Role of Marketing Channels: Channel functions & flows, channel levels.

3.2 Channel Design Decisions: Analyzing customers’ desired service output levels, establishing objectives &constraints, Identifying & evaluating major channel alternatives

3.3 Channel Options: Introduction to Wholesaling, Retailing, Franchising, Direct marketing E- Commerce Marketing Practices

3.4 Market Logistics Decisions: Order processing, Warehousing, Inventory, & Transportation.(6+2)

Unit 4 Promotion:

4.1Introduction: The role of marketing communications in marketing effort.

4.2Communication Mix Elements: Introduction to Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations, Direct Marketing. Concept of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

4.3Developing Effective Communication: Identifying target audience, determining communication objectives, designing the communications, selecting communication channels

4.4Deciding Marketing Communications Mix: Factors in setting marketing communication mix, measuring communication results (10 + 2)

Unit 5 Marketing Planning & Control:

5.1Product Level Planning: Preparation & evaluation of a product level marketing plan, Nature & contents of Marketing Plans- Executive Summary, Situation Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Financials, Control.

5.2 Marketing Evaluation & Control: Concept, Process & types of control – Annual Plan Control, Profitability Control, Efficiency Control, Strategic Control, Marketing audit. (6 + 2)

Text Books

• Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Abraham Koshy, Mithileshwar Jha, Pearson , 13thEdition

• Marketing Management by Rajan Saxena, TMGH, 4th Edition

Reference Books

• Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Prafulla Agnihotri, Ehasan Haque, Pearson, 13thEdition

• Marketing Management- Text and Cases, Tapan K Panda, 2nd Edition, Excel Books

• Marketing Management by Ramaswamy & Namakumari, Macmillan, 4th Edition.

 Supplementary Reading Material

• Marketing Whitebook (Latest Edition)

• Brand Equity Supplement of The Economic Times

• Brand Wagon Supplement of The Financial Express

• Strategist Supplement of Business Standard

• Legends in Marketing by Jagdish N. Sheth



• 2011 Census of India Reports –

• ASCI –

• (American Marketing Association)


• IIMB Management Review

• Vikalpa