Marketing Management (MM) Revised Syllabus MBA  Pune University – New Pattern 2008. This is an external subject for 100 Marks and the part of second Semester of MBA in Pune University affiliated colleges.

Subject Code: 201

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Product – Meaning, Goods & Services, Product Mix, Levels of Product, Product Life Cycle – Managing the product in Product Life Cycle. (8)


Types of new products – Test Marketing a new product – Portfolio analysis, Branding – Definition, Purpose and Significance, Branding decisions – Packaging & Labeling – Purpose, Types and new trends in packaging. (10)


Meaning, Importance, Pricing objectives, Factors influencing pricing decision – Approaches to pricing – Price & Non-price competition, Setting the price and managing the price changes. (8)


Introduction, Importance of Distribution Channels, Functions of distribution channels – Introduction to the various channels of distribution – Designing marketing channels – Introduction to Wholesaling, Retailing, Franchising, Direct Marketing, Impact of technology & Internet on distribution. (8)


Concept and role in marketing, Promotional Mix – Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations. Impact of technology & Internet on Promotion (8)

6. Extended P’s of Marketing –

People, Process & Physical Evidence (8)

7. Case Studies

Caselets Discussions (10)

Books Recommended:-

Marketing Management – Philip Kotler, 12th ed.

Principles of Marketing – Philip Kotler

Fundamentals of Marketing – Stanton

Marketing Management – V.S.Ramaswamy and S. Namakumari

Principles of Marketing 12th Edition – Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong

Marketing Models – Lilien & Kotler & Moorthy

Case Studies in Marketing – Indian context – R.Srinivas

Case study solutions – H.Kaushal

Marketing Management – Dr. Rajan Saxena

Marketing – Gandhi