Marketing Notes

Here we are giving marketing notes in detail. The below said is the list of Marketing related topics. Please click on the link given below to access notes of specific topic. We hope, notes will be useful for all streams including MBA, BBA, MMM, MBS, PGDM, PGDBM and other Students.

Marketing Notes:

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Advertising : Steps in Designing an Advertising Campaign

Distribution Channels: Introduction, Definition and Meaning

Distribution Channels: Functions

Distribution Channels: Importance

Distribution Channels: Levels

Distribution Channels: Designing

Marketing Mix: 4 P’s – Elements of Marketing Mix

Marketing Channels: See Distribution Channels

New Products: Types of New Product

New Product Development: Process

Pricing Methods and Strategies

Products: Classification

Product Mix

Product: Levels of Product

Product Life Cycle: Stages and Strategies

Trade Channels: See Distribution Channels

Wholesaling – Definition & Meaning

Wholesalers: Importance

Wholesalers: Types


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