This is a list of Presentation topics for Marketing Students. This list of topics can help MBA or Management students having Marketing specialization or for those students having MMM (Master in Marketing Management) course. Students of other branch such as BBA, PGDM or PGDBM and marketing professionals can take benefit of this list of latest and innovative marketing presentation topics.

List of Marketing Presentation Topics

Uses of Internet as a marketing medium

Philanthropy in communication at mid market firms: It pays to be creative

Corporate Social Responsibility step towards brand building

Corporate communication trends in today’s business world

Importance of marketing in today’s economy

Communicating ethics up the supply chain: getting the world out to suppliers

Consumer expectationson the social accountability of business

Relevance of 7Ps of marketing in CSR

Commercialization of social issues

Marketing is not merely selling

Media Responsibility

Television advertisements and their effect: Facts

Controllable variables of Marketing

New CSR marketing trends: Transparency and dialogue

CSR and product responsibility

Current Trends in Marketing

Vertical Marketing System

Timing Is Everything in Online Marketing

Pricing strategies for each stage of PLC

Challenges in Distributing Services through Electronic Channels

Current digital marketing trends

Customer Relationship Management

Trends in Mobile marketing

Facebook marketing

Effectiveness of Location based marketing

Role of Marketing in Modern organization

New trends in social media marketing

Future of Virtual Marketing

The power of Ambush Marketing

Best Ambush Marketing Campaigns in India

Viral Marketing: Low cost effective marketing