Marketing Strategy & Relationship Marketing (MSRM) Question Papers Pune University. For answers see notes section. This post covers all previous years question papers.

Time: 3Hrs   Marks: 70

APRIL 2012

Instructions to the candidates:- I) Attempt any three questions front Section – I and any two questions from Section – 2) All questions early equal marks.


Q1) Differentiation strategy are useful in obtaining sustainable competitive advantage? Explain with the help of suitable examples.

Q2) What factors are considered for identifying and reaching target market effectively?

Q3) What are the marketing strategies used at various stages of Industry Life Cycle.

Q4) Distinguish between Market Leader Strategy and Market Nicher Strategy. Explain what is Push-pull promotion strategy.

Q5) Write short notes on (Any Two) : a) Penetration Pricing. b) Principles of competitive positioning. c) Three’S’s of Customer Services.


Q6) Relationship Marketing in Industrial Market and Consumer Markets differ. Do you agree? Justify your answers with suitable examples?

Q7) Explain in details the key concept of Relationship Marketing like, Promise, Trust, Committment, Satisfaction, Quality etc.?

Q8) Describe in detail giving suitable examples “the customer – product profitability Analysis? Give the customer classification in to different profit tiers?

Q9) Write short notes on (Any Two) : a) Communication Tools for CRM. b) Analysing Customer defections. c) IT enabled Relationship Marketing.


Instructions to the candidates: Attempt any three questions from Section – I and any two questions from Section – II. All questions carry equal marks.


Q1) Why marketing mix (4Ps + 3Ps ) need to vary as per different stages of product Life Cycle? How?

Q2) Explain in detail different types of offensive and defensive strategies a company

need to design in different circumstances.

Q3) Discuss the common trends in strategic marketing management, quoting

appropriate examples.

Q4) What do you mean by competition and competitor? What is the procedure

adopted for understanding competitors strength and weaknesses and strategic


Q5) Write short notes on (Any Two):

a) Constraint in Marketing Strategy implementation.

b) Three ‘S’s of customer services.

c) Principles of competitive positioning.


Q6) “Relationship marketing is a key in managing key accounts in Industrial

Marketing”. Comment giving suitable examples.

Q7) “Information Technology has been highly instrumental in making CRM

effective”. Discuss with examples.

Q8) Elaborate customer equity – Recency – Frequency Monetary value model


Q9) Write short notes on (Any Two):

a) CRM and customer loyalty.

b) Competitive advantage through Relationship Marketing.

c) The Six Market framework.

APRIL 2011

Instructions to the candidates: I) Attempt ANY THREE questions from Section – L 2) Attempt ANY TWO questions front Section – 3) All questions caro. equal marks.

SECTION-1 (Marketing Strategy)

Q1) Why new products are developed? How would you organize new product development? What are the steps involved?

Q2) What do you understand by Offensive and Defensive competitive marketing strategies? Why and when they should be adopted?

Q3) Explain the significance of marketing strategy for soft drink manufacturers; say Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola in India. Discuss their strategies.

Q4) Explain how IT would help in building up competitive marketing strategy to achieve sustaining growth in the business?

Q5) Write short notes on ANY TWO: a) Identification of attractive markets. b) Harvesting strategies. c) Making market and segment choice.

SECTION-II (Relationship Marketing)

Q6) Define customer satisfaction. How do you measure customer satisfaction of a Commercial Bank? Illustrate your answer.

Q7) What do you understand by Paradigm shift in marketing? Illustrate with examples of your choice.

Q8) Write short notes on ANY “I’WO: a) RM in industrial markets and consumer markets. b) Characteristics of relationships. c) Customer defections.


Instructions to the c(Udi(/ates: I) Attempt any 5 questions. 2) All questions carries equal marks.

During “market analysis” how “Actual” and “Potential” market size is calculated?

What are the measurement of finding out “marketing growth”? Please explain in details “sales & profitability analysis” and “Business portfolio analysis”.

What strategies are adopted by businessman for “market pioneers”, “market leaders”, “market followers” and “market challengers”.

Explain in details, along with practical examples, key concepts related to marketing like, Promise, Trust, Commitment, Satisfaction, Quality, Internal marketing & communication.

How external analysis is carried out in case of “segmentation” & “Customer motivation”? How customers unmet needs are fulfilled?

Define “Customer life time value”. How customer are defected to other product? And how product Profit analysis is carried out? Q7) What are the factors leads to emergence of concept `CRM’? What are the ethical issues while retaining “customer privacy”.

APRIL 2010

Instructions to the candidates: Answer any three questions from Section – I. Answer any two questions from Section – II. All questions carry equal marks. Answers to both sections should be written in one and the same answer book.


Q1) “Every industry, whether big or small, experiences a problem of decline in

sales at some point or the other”. The down trend in the sales may be due to

several reasons. What are these reasons? What are the remedies to lift the

sagging sales? Discuss with relevant examples.

Q2) “Differentiation strategies are useful in obtaining sustainable competitive

advantage” explain with the help of appropriate examples.

Q3) Explain step by step how would you convert the planned innovation into new product development and its successful commercialization at the market place speedily? Make and state your assumptions clearly.

Q4) Define market. What are different types of markets? Explain the process of market segmentation and how segmentation of market is beneficial to a marketer.

Q5) Discuss the salient features and common trends in strategic marketing management with the help of examples.


Q6) “Healthy relationship and interaction is the kingpin of successful marketing”. Explain the statement with suitable examples.

Q7) Explain the scope of CRM in services marketing which would be facing increasing global competition in 21st century.

Q8) “Customers are classified into different profit tiers”. Describe the customer – product profitability analysis. Explain how this classification is beneficial to a firm.

Q9) Explain the database marketing. What are its advantages? State its limitations in the Indian environment.



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