Materials & Logistics Management – MLM Question Papers Pune University Old and New Pattern Previous Question Papers.

MAY 2009 OLD

Instructions to the candidates:-

1) Solve any five questions.

2) All questions carry equal marks.

Ql)   What do you mean by material handling? Discuss principles and objectives of material handling.

Q2)  How should an”organisation manage an in-bound supply chain that organised into tiers? Use Autocomponent manufacturing industries illustration to justify your answer.

‘Q3) What is standardisation and codification? What are the techniques available for that.

Q4) Discuss the purpose, objectives and scope of value analysis. Justify your answer with examples.

Q5) Discuss the role and responsibility of purchase department in a manufacturing organisation having multiple units and multiple product range.

Q6) Which are the different methods of forecasting? Explain anyone of them.

Q7) Discuss the interface of materials management with other function in a manufacturing organisation such as

a) Marketing.

b) Finance.

c) Supply chain.

Q8) Write a short notes on (any two):

a) ABC Analysis.

b) EOQ.

c) MRP.

d) Logistics Management.

 MAY 2009 NEW

Instructions to the candidates:-

1) Answer any five questions.

2) All questions carry equal marks.

QI) “Importance and scope of materials management function has increased with globalization and competition”. Discuss the statement in context of Indian manufacturing organizations.

Q2) Consider the supply chain for an automobile or a retail organization.

a) Draw the supply chain and identify components of the supply chain.

b) Identify and state involvement of different organizations in the supply chain.

Q3) a) Explain which decisions materials manager can make using EOQ model.

State the benefits of EOQ model.

b) Discuss the impact of high work in progress inventory on product quality and


Q4) Explain the concept of MRP and describe its inputs and their relationship.

Q5) What is negotiation. Discuss in details steps involved in negotiation process for procurement of high value capital equipment.

Q6)  Explain with example how does codification of materials help in controlling inventory and reducing costs.

Q 7) Explain with examples factors to be considered while selecting material handling equipments.

Q8) Write notes on any two of the following:

a) Documents used in stores operations.

b) Concept of ERP.

c) Fourth Party Logistics (4 PL).

d) Inventory turnover ratio.

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APRIL 2012

Total No. of Questions : 8] [Total No. of Pages : 2

[4175] – 205

M.B.A. (Semester – II)


(2008 Pattern)

Time :3 Hours] [Max. Marks :70

Instructions to the candidates:-

1) Answer any five questions.

2) All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) Define the term “Materials management”. State its importance. Mention the
challenges of materials management in today’s competitive business.

Q2) What do you understand from the term “logistics”? What are the advantages of logistics management.

Q3) What is meant by selective control of inventories? What are the different
methods used for selective control of inventory items?

Q4) Explain the following terms in relation to MRP technique

a) Independent or dependent demand.

b) Level by level explosion.

c) Gross requirements and net requirements.

Q5) Under what condition should a firm practice the following methods of buying.

a) Forward buying.

b) Hand to mouth buying.

c) Scheduled purchasing.

d) Contract buying.

Q6) What is meant by location of stores? Discuss the basic factors that must be
taken into account to determine the best location for stores?

Q7) What is value analysis? How does it differ from value engineering? Which is
better and why?

Q8) A well conceived and carefully planned materials flow pattern will have many advantages? Elobrate.