Materials & Logistics Management Syllabus Pune University

 Revised Syllabus of Materials and Logistics Management  for MBA Pune University 2008 pattern

Subject Code: 205

1. Introduction:

Materials Management – Evolution, Importance, Scope and Objectives – Interface with other functions. Concept of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and evolution to 4PL (6)

2. Logistics –

Objectives, Components, Significance. Supply Chain Management – Objectives, Components, Significance, Trade off Customer Service & Cost. (6)

3. Inventory –

Need of Inventory – Costs associated with Inventory – Types of Inventory – Basic EOQ Model – EOQ with discounts – Classification of material – ABC Analysis – VED, HML, FSN, GOLF, SOS (Numericals expected on Basic EOQ, EOQ with discounts & ABC) (10)

4. Material Requirement Planning

Advantages over conventional planning (Order Point Method) – Input and output of MRP system – Forecasting – Overview of quantitative and qualitative methods of forecasting – Master Production Schedule – Bill of Materials – BOM Explosion – Material flow in MRP. MRP II. Concept of ERP. (Numericals expected on BOM Explosion, estimating Net requirements) (12)

5. Purchasing Management –

Responsibilities of Purchase Department – Purchase Cycle – Negotiation & Bargaining – Vendor relations – Purchasing Methods – Global sourcing (8)

6. Stores –

Functions, Importance, Organization of stores & Stores layout. Stores procedure – documentation. (5)

7. Inventory control & Cost Reduction techniques:

Inventory turns ratios – Standardization – need and importance. Codification – concept, benefits. Value Engineering and Value Analysis – concept and process. (8)

8. Materials Handling –

Principles of Materials Handling system – Materials Handling Equipments – Safety issues. (5)

Reference Books

Materials Management

Logistics Management

Supply Chain Management

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