Materials Management Multiple Choice Questions with their answers. Answers are indicated in Italic form.

1. Business cycle, price trends, National Economy are …………….

a. Micro Factors 

b. Macro Factors

c. Controllable Factors

2. ……………………….also called part lists or building lists is the document generated at the design stage.

a. MRP (Material Requirement Planning)

b. BOM (Bill of Materials)

c. MPS (Master Production Schedule)

3. ………………………………is the scientific technique for planning the ordering and usage of materials at various levels of production and for monitoring the stocks during these transaction.

a. MPS

b. MRP

c. BOM

4. …………………………is the time that elapses between issuing replenishment order and receiving the material in stores.

a. Replenishment time

b. Lead time

c. Idle time

5. …………………is the task of buying goods of right quality, in the right quantities, at the right time and at the right price.

a. Supplying 

b. Purchasing

c. Scrutinizing

6. Which is not a part of 5R’s of buying?

a. Right Quality

b. Right Quantity

c. Right Source

d. Right Price

e. None of the above

7. Purchasing responsibilities can be divided into Buying, Clerical and ………..division.

a. Packing

b. Traffic

c. Record

d. Follow up

8. The first activity of Purchasing cycle is

a. Communicating requirement to the purchase

b. Source Selection and development

c. Recognizing the need for procurement

d. Inspection of goods

9. Buying according to the requirements is called …………

a. Seasonal Buying

b. Hand to mouth buying

c. Scheduled Buying

d. Tender Buying

e. Speculative Buying

10. Procuring an item in staggering deliveries according to the delivery schedule finished to the supplier by the buyer.

a. Seasonal Buying

b. Hand to mouth buying

c. Scheduled Buying

d. Tender Buying

e. Speculative Buying

11. Buying of the annual requirements of an item during its season.

a. Seasonal Buying

b. Hand to mouth buying

c. Scheduled Buying

d. Tender Buying

e. Speculative Buying

12. Raw Materials and WIP can be classified under-

a. Indirect Material

b. Direct Material

c. Finished Material

d. Standard Parts

13. …………..are the basic materials which have not undergone any conversion since their receipt from suppliers.

a. WIP

b. Raw Material

c. Finished Parts

d. Work Made Parts

Reference Books

Materials and Logistics Management, L. C. Jhamb, Everest Publishing House



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